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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ms Pitstop spotted at Vintage at Goodwood for The Chap
The Chap made its very first foray into the uncharted waters that is Britain's festival circuit, with a daily staging of the Chap Olympiad at the Vintage at Goodwood festival on 13th-15th August. The writers of the Chap were also asked to saunter on to the catwalk during a fashion show, and displayed their finest town, country and formal clothing. The Chaps adapted well to the new terrain, erecting a picket fence around their emcampment and making their hourly visits to the communal showers in Djellabahs. The high point was the Chap Olympiad being namechecked by Dave Vanian from the Damned during their final set on Sunday. Vintageatgoodwood.com

Source: http://www.thechap.net/content/section_links/goodwood.html

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Royal Enfield to create an exclusive ‘Hobgoblin Bullet' model.
Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin has teamed up with the classic British motorcycle brand Royal Enfield to create an exclusive ‘Hobgoblin Bullet' model.

The craftily crafted Hobgoblin beer brand features on the unique machine, which will be given away free in a prize draw.

Ian Ward, brand manager at Wychwood, said: "The Hobgoblin Bullet is a great ‘one off' with a unique blue paint job and legendary graphics of the Hobgoblin, there was no way we could put a price on it. So we've chosen to give it away to one lucky beer and bikes fan."

The Royal Enfield Hobgoblin Bullet is a 500cc single cylinder motorcycle, designed in a classic 1950's style but suitable for today's modern roads thanks to fuel injection, indicators and electric start. Look out for the bike at this year's Great British Beer Festival and the NEC Bike Show.

The prize draw will be open until November 30th 2010 and entrants can put themselves forward to win by texting HOBGOBLIN ENFIELD to 60300 or through the Wychwood website www.wychwood.co.uk. For information on Royal Enfield motorcycles go to www.royal-enfield.com. Winners will be notified by post following the prize draw.

Source: http://royalenfielduk.blogspot.com/2010_06_01_archive.html

Royal Enfield's 500cc Classic Bullet in Lewis Leathers trim is now in production, with the first customers taking delivery of this limited edition model. Conceived by vintage style aficionado Nick Clements, (www.nickclements.co.uk), of the Royal College of Art in London, this specially commissioned model pays homage to Britain's oldest motorcycle clothing company, Lewis Leathers, which was established in London's West End in 1892.

Based around the current Bullet Classic 500 that is powered by Royal-Enfield's new fuel-injected single cylinder engine, Clements has given the popular machine a complete makeover, enhancing its traditional appearance with numerous vintage styling cues. Featuring a special paint scheme on the tank with matching graphics on the mudguards and side panels, the Lewis Leathers limited edition also has a bespoke two-tone solo leather seat in black and cream. Behind the seat are leather panniers, embossed with the Lewis Leathers logo in gold, individually mounted on a sub frame attached to the rear mudguard. An upswept sports silencer adds further style and delivers an authentic ‘sound track' to the experience.

Production is limited to just 50 machines, each of which is individually numbered on the tank. Priced at £5695 on the road the Lewis Leathers Bullet Classic may be ordered through franchised Royal Enfield dealers across the UK. To find out more call 01386 700907 or visit www.royal-enfield.com.

Source: http://royalenfielduk.blogspot.com/2010/07/west-end-run-for-royal-enfield.html

New JD Wetherspoons pub recalls the Enfield heritage
Pub operator JD Wetherspoon opened a new pub in Redditch, on 28 May 28, creating 40 local jobs. The company has spent £850,000 redeveloping what was formerly an art deco cinema, in Unicorn Hill.

It’s called The Royal Enfield, in honour of the famous motorcycle manufacturer, which was based in Redditch up to the 70s.

The new pub will specialise in real ales, serving a wide range, including local and regional brewers, including an exclusive ale called The Bullet, brewed by Stourbridge-based Sadler’s Ales.

Photos and information boards relating to the history and characters of the area will be displayed in the pub.

Source: http://www.classicbikeguide.com/news/royal-enfield-at-redditch-again

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Viva's Pinups, Bullet Bras and Backseat Betties
Viva's Pinups, Bullet Bras and Backseat Betties

Viva Van Story's much-anticipated first book. Plunge inside for a heady, heady dose of pin-up photography at its raunchiest and most atmospheric. Viva's images have a vintage aesthetic charm that entices and stabs like a knife to the heart. Betty Page would blush.

Foreword by Tyson McAdoo
Introduction by Andrea Grant
ISBN: 978-0-9558336-6-3
Hardcover + jacket, 176 pages
280mm (h) x 210mm (w)

Available now.

Source: http://www.korerobooks.co.uk/vivaspinups.html?utm_source=Korero+News&utm_campaign=f0b0e76ce4-Test6_17_2010&utm_medium=email

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Chap Magazine - June/July Issue is Out Now!
The June/July Issue of The chap is out now! In this issue the Fitting Room section has been reinstated, and delves into the dressing room of the Duke of Windsor and the decline of cricket whites. Elsewhere, is unearthed the biography of Vivian Mackerell, the inspiration behind Withnail in the eponymous film; and introducing a new columnist Tom Hogkinson, who sketches out a recent encounter with David Hockney
Other parts of the magazine take a darker hue, with pieces on Quimbada, a
Brazilian form of voodoo with dandy high priests; a piece on Satan by Sebastian
Horsley; and Atters on the paranormal moustache. Purchase the issue from your local newsagent, WH Smith or from the web site.

Source: http://www.thechap.net/content/section_magazine/latest-issue.html

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Enduro India Challenge is an awesome experience.
Enduro India has already established itself as the number one motorbike tour of India and is widely regarded as one of the must have biking experiences anywhere on the planet. The trip involves ten days of dawn to dusk riding through some of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring scenery and in 2011 is supporting Rainbow Trust Children's Charity, Save the Children, CWS, and Adventure Ashram.

Whilst experiencing breathtaking mountains, hot arid plains, dense forest trails and hectic towns your limits and the limits of your Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle will be tested to the full.

The rally is by no means Paris-Dakar but it is certainly not a 'quick blast out' on a Sunday morning. It is a demanding ride through some of the most challenging and dramatic scenery south India has to offer. The ride will test your confidence, spirit and determination at times and can be both physically and mentally draining. Although the ride can be tough in certain stages we know several bikers who passed their test to be able to take part in the previous events. It is more a test of endurance than skill on a bike. Although we will be riding for quite some time each day, there is rarely a feeling of having to rush, the ride is a team event and you will be looked after by your team-mates at every stage. There is full medical support, radio communication and breakdown recovery and every team will have an extremely experienced team leader to see them through.

Making the decision to enter this site could lead to a life changing experience, completing the challenge will ensure you see life in a
very different way.

Source: http://www.enduroindia.com/challenge.htm

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Chap Olympiad Date for 2010 is Announced
The date has been set for the sixth annual Chap Olympiad, the sporting contest that pits the world’s puniest fops against each other, rewarding them for panache, savoir faire and winsome smiles rather than sporting prowess.

On Saturday 17th July the tweedy weeds will gather in Bloomsbury’s Bedford Square Gardens, London WC1, with the opening ceremony taking place at one pm sharp.

Once the Olympic pipe has been safely cradled in the Olympic pipe rack, the afternoon’s unsporting activities will continue in the usual manner, with events such as Martini Knockout Relay, Three-trousered Limbo and Umbrella Jousting.

Tickets will be available from May 1st, directly from The Chap web site or from Thechapolympiad.com

Those wishing to participate in events may also register before or on July 17th. Please be advised that during the Games themselves, anyone testing negative for alcohol content in the bloodstream will be disqualified, and sent to the emergency gin tent for urgent retonification.

Source: http://thechap.net/content/section_news/?p=356

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Men's File Magazine a Modernist Magazine Tracing the Roots of Style
Mens File Mgazine loves American retro but also covers Britain, Europe and Japan: in fact anywhere that classic style exists. You also find revival skateboarding, surfing, travel, work-spaces, cycling, fashion and products. Revival is the key word. With a mix of vintage style mens studies on women and motorbikes, and excellent photography, you will be in for a surprising classy experience.

Its all about classic, which, in terms of issue 2, means everything from hot rods, ton-up boys and skateboarding, through to cricket, Burlesque girls, architecture and design, throwing in plenty of snippets about tasty gear and clobber along the way. Steve McQueen motorbike helmet anyone? You will find out where to buy one here amongst many other great finds.

Try before you buy... You can virtually flick through the latest issue at the magazine's website. If you like what you see, Men's File sells from retailers across the UK and online for 4.95 GBP. A list of outlets is available at the website.

Source: http://www.mensfile.com/

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rave Reviews for The Further Adventures of Pandora Pitstop!
Written by Brian Sewell in a letter to the Times on February 2, 2010:

I have been asked, by a number of my dear friends in the worlds of art and literature to review this website. I must point out that I rarely soil my hands with the base interface that is the world of e-commerce but on this occasion, for the sake of humanity and the arts, I have done so.

The website consists of two distinct components, on the one hand we have a contemporary literary work and on the other a feast of visual delights. In the latter I am reminded of the works Man Ray and David Bailey, the rendering of light and colour in the photography shows a well-developed command of the media and the artist has shown a disciplined approach in capturing top totty in a very realistic way. The photographic artist makes obvious references to the early scenes of Emmanuelle - The Comedy Years, a work of unequalled quality in my view and worthy of the top shelf in any bookshop catering for the needs of the discerning gentleman.

The literary component is strongly influenced by the poetry of Plath and Hughes and the prose of Steinberg and Joyce, though I find the lack of development of more erotic themes somewhat disappointing. Perhaps the author should expose himself to the great works of Dame Barbara, which have for so long provided us with a beacon in a sea of philistinism.

Overall I find the work greatly stimulating and look forward to its reproduction in paper format so I can peruse it at my leisure during my ablutions.

Brian Sewell, Critic, Man of Letters and aesthete.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Episode 11 is in the Bag!
At long last the next instalment of The Further Adventures of Pandora Pitstop, Episode 11 "Into Uncharted Territory" is ready and at the editors for proofing. Special thanks to Rachel Birrell for her time and effort. In this episode we see our intrepid racers go into Europe to find their first clues that will lead then through the various stages of the race. What cruel tricks of fate are in store? What terrible costs will need to be paid? Who will successfully make it through to the next stage? Episode 11 coming soon, watch this space!

New Pit Crew Member Joins as Head of Concepts and Creativity
Ms Pitstop is pleased to welcome aboard a new member to her pit crew, Peter Stroud, who will be the head of concepts and creativity. Mr Stroud will co-write all new material for future episodes and character profiles and will feature in future episodes in the role of Gabriel Valentine Fox-Letherette, Lady Lavinia's half brother. Ms Pitstop wishes to express her heart-felt gratitude to Mr Stroud for single handedly saving this website from ceasing to be with his infinite imagination and devotion.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Korero Books Ppresents a New Book of Tiki Mugs and 'Wildsville' The Art of Derek Yaniger
We've been rather busy over at Korero Books, and if you haven't heard we've two new books out Tiki Mugs: Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop and Wildsville: The Art of Derek Yaniger. I'm sure all you tiki hounds and cool cats will dig them to bits.

Plus we have finally got round to starting up our newsletter, and we'd like to include you on our list of subscribers. If you're up for it, click here to opt-in.

Shop online 24/7 at www.korerobooks.co.uk For wholesale orders drop us a line.

NEW Tiki Mugs
Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop
Hardcover+ jacket; 176 pages; (h) 266mm x (w) 215mm
ISBN: 978-09553398-1-3 24.99

Dive head first, shrunken or otherwise, into a Polynesian Pop world of incredible ceramics. Featuring all the major manufactures Tiki Farm, Porcelanas Pavn, Gecko'z South Sea Arts and more and the all top artists, including Shag, Bosko, Crazy Al, Ocea Otica and Tiki Diablo.
View details

NEW Wildsville
The Art of Derek Yaniger
Hardcover + jacket; 112 pages; (h) 228mm x (w) 272mm
ISBN: 978-0-9558336-3-2 14.99

A koo Koo collection of wayout art with a retro riff! A must for all hipsters who dig a real gone scene! You'll love this amazing 112 page hardcover book chock full of amazing artwork.
View details

Pinstripe Planet
Hardcover+ jacket; 192 pages; (h) 190mm x (w) 240 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9553398-0-6

Last few copies of our very first book left. Gearhead calls it "Indispensable". Once it's gone it's gone. Last chance!
View details

Kustom Graphics
Hardcover+ jacket; 256 pages; (h) 266mm x (w) 215mm
ISBN: 978-0-9553398-6-8

Hot Rods, burlesque and rock'n'roll
250 pages of eye-popping designs from the raucous and rebellious world of lowbrow.
View details

Source: http://www.korerobooks.co.uk

Monday, October 27, 2008


WILDSVILLE: The Art of Derek Yaniger
Hardcover+ jacket 14.99

Gathered together for the first in one volume, the retro-cool artwork of Derek Yaniger. From Hillbillys to Hippies, from Beatniks to Tikis.

A Koo Ko Collection of way out art with a retro riff! A must for all hipsters who dig a real gone scene!

Order now at:

Other Titles

KUSTOM GRAPHICS: Hot Rods, Burlesque and Rock n Roll
Hardcover+ jacket 29.99

PINSTRIPE PLANET: Fine Lines From the Worlds Best
Hardcover+ jacket 25

For wholesale orders contact info@korerobooks.co.uk

Source: http://www.korerobooks.co.uk

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gothic: Dark Glamour, the first exhibition devoted to the gothic style in fashion
This website is pleased to announce Ms Pitstop's appearance in the book (on more than one occasion) which accompanies the exhibition Gothic: Dark Glamour, the first exhibition devoted to the gothic style in fashion current on display at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York City.

A lavishly illustrated book, also called Gothic: Dark Glamour, expands on the themes addressed in the exhibition. There have been many studies of the gothic in art, architecture, literature, and cinema, but surprisingly little attention has been paid to the gothic influence on fashion, says Valerie Steele, curator of the exhibition and co-author of the book with Jennifer Park, coordinator of special programs at The Museum at FIT. Steele, a renowned fashion historian, explores the significance of gothic fashion from its eighteenth-century origins in the work of the original goth Horace Walpole to its current manifestations in both street style and high fashion. Steele draws on a wide range of sources, including fascinating interviews with fashion designers, such as Rick Owens; photographers, such as Sean Ellis; and gothic rockers, such as Patricia Morrison of Sisters of Mercy. Jennifer Park contributes an essay, Melancholy and the Macabre: Gothic Rock and Fashion.

Proceeds from the book, published by Yale University Press, go to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Source: http://www.fitnyc.edu/aspx/Content.aspx?menu=FutureGlobal:Museum:Exhibitions

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York City, presents Gothic: Dark Glamour

September 5, 2008-February 21, 2009
The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York City, presents Gothic: Dark Glamour, the first exhibition devoted to the gothic style in fashion. Set in a dramatic mise-en-scene suggesting iconic gothic settings, such as the labyrinth, the ruined castle, and the laboratory, more than 75 ensembles will be on display. Fashion designers featured include Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester, Boudicca, Comme des Garons, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Haute Couture, John Galliano for Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hussein Chalayan, Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein, Christian Lacroix, Derek Lam, Gareth Pugh, Kei Kagami, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Thierry Mugler, Rick Owens, Rodarte, Anna Sui, Olivier Theyskens, Jun Takahashi of Undercover, and Yohji Yamamoto.

Also on display will be a range of subcultural styles, such as old-school goth (associated with the heyday of the goth subculture, 1979-83), Victorian-style goth, industrial, steam punk, and cyber-goth, by designers such as Kambriel, Morphius and Plastik Wrap, as well as Japanese Elegant Gothic Lolitas by Tokyo-based brands Moi-Mme-Moit and h.Naoto Blood.
Although popularly identified with black-clad teenagers and rock musicians, the gothic has also been an important theme in contemporary fashion, said Dr. Valerie Steele, director of The Museum at FIT and curator of this exhibition. The imagery of death and decay, the power of horror, and the erotic macabre are perversely attractive to many designers. For example, John Galliano told me that he saw the Gothic girl as edgy and cool, vampy and mysterious, while the most recent Rodarte collection was inspired by Japanese horror films.

Jon Klein of the gothic rock band Specimen is loaning one of his infamous ensembles for the show. Contemporary goth styles run the gamut from Victorian/romantic to the futuristic cyber-goth. Alexander McQueen, from his Fall/Winter 2007 collection, was inspired by witchcraft and religious persecution. An introductory gallery will trace the development of gothic style from its origins in the eighteenth century gothic literature of terror to its contemporary manifestations in art, fashion, and film. The Victorian cult of mourning, for example, will be illustrated by actual mourning dresses, crepe veils, and momento mori jewelry. A Cabinet of Curiosities will feature objects such as a wax head and the death mask of a poet. The vampire vignette will include one of Eiko Ishiokas costumes for the film Bram Stokers Dracula.

A selection of photographs will also be on display. Victorian mourning dress is an important source of gothic imagery. Contemporary goths appreciate its morbid allure and claustrophobic
corsetry. Dress circa 1880 from the collection of Evan Michelson, photography by MFIT.
Ricardo Tischi of Givenchy has become known for his gothic glamour, as with this evening dress
from the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2006 show. Rodarte collection was inspired by Japanese
horror films, and the red dye was intended to evoke the look of blood in water.

Simon Costin, the British artist, jeweler, and set designer who has worked on many fashion shows, served as art director for Gothic: Dark Glamour. Costin worked closely with exhibition designer Charles B. Froom to create an appropriately gothic mise-en-scene. The main gallery space is designed as a labyrinth, divided into iconic spaces such as Night, with seductive black evening dresses; the Ruined Castle, which conveys a sense of the Dark Ages; and the Laboratory, where futuristic fashion monsters are created. Towering in the background is the Haunted Palace, which evokes Edgar Allan Poes architectural metaphor for a disturbed mind.

A lavishly illustrated book, also called Gothic: Dark Glamour, expands on the themes addressed in the exhibition. There have been many studies of the gothic in art, architecture, literature, and cinema, but surprisingly little attention has been paid to the gothic influence on fashion, says Valerie Steele, curator of the exhibition and co-author of the book with Jennifer Park, coordinator of special programs at The Museum at FIT. Steele, a renowned fashion historian, explores the significance of gothic fashion from its eighteenth-century origins in the work of the original goth Horace Walpole to its current manifestations in both street style and high fashion. Steele draws on a wide range of sources, including fascinating interviews with fashion designers, such as Rick Owens; photographers, such as Sean Ellis; and gothic rockers, such as Patricia Morrison of Sisters of Mercy. Jennifer Park contributes an essay, Melancholy and the Macabre: Gothic Rock and Fashion. Proceeds from the book, published by Yale University Press, go to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The Museum at FIT is the only museum in New York City dedicated solely to the art of fashion. Best known for its innovative and award-winning exhibitions, which have been described by Roberta Smith in The New York Times as ravishing, the museum has a collection of more than 50,000 garments and accessories dating from the 18th century to the present. Like other fashion museums, such as the Muse de la Mode, the Mode Museum, and the Museo de la Moda, the Museum at FIT collects, conserves, documents, exhibits, and interprets fashion. The museums mission is to advance knowledge of fashion through exhibitions, publications, and public programs. Visit www.fitnyc.edu/museum. The Museum is part of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), a college of art and design, business and technology, that educates more than 10,000 students annually. FIT is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) and offers 43 majors leading to the AAS, BFA, BS, MA, and MPS degrees.
Visit www.fitnyc.edu.
Tuesday - Friday noon-8:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Closed Sunday, Monday, and legal holidays
Admission is free and open to the public.
has been supported in part by The Coby Foundation, Ltd. Additional support has
been provided by the Couture Council.

Source: http://www.fitnyc.edu/aspx/Content.aspx?menu=FutureGlobal:Museum:Exhibitions

Thursday, August 28, 2008

UPDATE - Ace Cafe Reunion 2008
Three Days - Three Rides - One Reunion!

Ace Cafe London's 70th anniversary and 15th annual Ace Cafe Reunion, a special party weekend that is being filmed for USA TVs Speed Channel, starts on Friday 12th September with the arrival from 6pm of The Continental Run for the cafe's Bike Night, with Dyno Shoot-Out and rockin' sounds from The Unknowns and DJ Jimmy Guntrip.

Saturday 13th September, join us for breakfast at the Ace from 7am. A Cafe Racer & Rockers Ride-Out will depart at Noon to the London Motorcycle Museum in Greenford, which is being filmed for a USA TV documentary 'Cafe Society', returning to the cafe for a Cafe Racer Review at 2.30pm with awards for the 'Best Ridden Cafe Racer' and two runners-up, being presented by special guests Colin Campbell (Actor in the film 'The Leather Boys'), David Hailwood, Dave Degens, actor Oliver Tobias (featured in the book 'Rockers! by Johnny Stuart) and Mike 'Cowboy' Cooke who, from joining the 59 Club in 1963, quickly became involved in its running for the next 30 years! Mike will be signing copies of his book, 'Cowboy's Fifty Nine Club Story'.

Awards kindly sponsored by Autoglym, Schott N.Y.C. & Lewis Leathers include top prize of a Schott's Perfecto leather jacket (as worn by Marlon Brando in the
1953 film 'The Wild One', and celebrating the 80th anniversary of The Perfecto), 'Briefcase' style motorcycle cleaning kits and the choice of a pair of Lewis Leather motorcycle boots.

At 2.30pm there will also be opportunity to meet author Mike Seate, from the USA, who will be launching his new book 'Cafe Racer - The Motorcycle', and to get your copies signed!

From Noon until late, The London Rockin Rollers, who will steal your hearts and then your con rods, will be adding some eight-wheeled thrills and spills, together with a Dyno Shoot-Out, raising funds in aid of the Jeans for Genes Genetic Roadmap Appeal.

You can also make your visit count, by being sponsored by family and friends, be it as a solo rider, group or club. Go to the homepage on the Ace Cafe London website to download a sponsorship form or pick one up at the cafe.

"Little Miss Dynamite", the Stonebridge Motor Company built S&S engined Ace Cafe Racer will make her debut at 4pm with opportunity to meet the builders, followed by a photographic review of the history of the Ace. The line-up of entertainment includes some of the top all British rock n' roll bands on the circuit, The Coy Dogs, Furious, and Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers with DJs Tracy Dick, Bill & Jimmy Guntrip spinning the wax, plus a 'Best of Burlesque'
with Miss Zara Ann.

Sunday 14th September, the Brighton Burn Up & Ride With The Rockers to Brighton's famous seafront road, Madeira Drive. The Ace opens at 7am with the ride leaving the cafe at 10.30am.

Madeira Drive will be open to the public from 9.30am. Attractions on the Ace seafront stage feature bands, The Rhythm Aces, The Diamonds, plus DJs Bill & Jimmy Guntrip, a seafront blessing by Father Scott Anderson & Father Dennis McSwinney of the 59 Club at 2pm, a presentation of the Ace Cafe London, Bike Legal and BikeSafe prize Scooter at 2.15pm and the introduction of Stonebridge Motor Company, builders of the S&S engined Ace Cafe Racer, "Little Miss Dynamite", at 2.30pm.

At the eastern end of Madeira drive adjacent to Black Rock, the Ball of Steel from their home in Texas, on their first ever UK tour, will be performing their amazing motorcycle stunts. With nine years experience on National Tour, these riders, fuelled by Monster Energy Drink, have been dubbed the youngest motorcycle stunt team in the world.

The show is a high energy fully self-contained performance that features 3 riders inside a 14ft steel globe as well as a free-style show on mini bikes, jumping from steel to steel. With sound equipment, MC and DJ who are almost as entertaining as the riders, you will leave this years Ace Cafe Reunion with a smile on your face and a high heart rate!

To add to the excitement a 'homegrown' stunt show in the shape of Jason Finn & Team SBF will also be putting on an amazing display. Don't miss it!

Stands and displays include from Triumph, Yamaha and BMW to Brooklands (2008 being the centennial of motorcycle racing at the legendary circuit), the 59 Club, VMCC, Busy Bee Club, BMRC, Jukebox Madness and much more!

Check out:

Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com

Monday, June 23, 2008

Three Days - Three Rides - One Reunion!
Ace Cafe London's 70th anniversary and 15th annual Ace Cafe Reunion, a special party weekend that is being filmed for USA TVs Speed Channel, starts on Friday 12th September with the arrival from 6pm of The Continental Run for the cafe's Bike Night, with Dyno Shoot-Out and rockin' sounds from The Unknowns and DJ Jimmy Guntrip.

Saturday 13th September, join us for breakfast at the Ace from 7am. A Cafe Racer & Rockers Ride-Out will depart at Noon to the London Motorcycle Museum in Greenford, which is being filmed for a USA TV documentary 'Cafe Society', returning to the cafe for a Cafe Racer Review at 2.30pm with awards for the 'Best Ridden Cafe Racer' and two runners-up, being presented by special guests Colin Campbell (Actor in the film 'The Leather Boys'), David Hailwood and Dave Degens.

From Noon until late, The London Rockin Rollers, who will steal your hearts and then your con rods, will be adding some eight-wheeled thrills and spills, together with a Dyno Shoot-Out, raising funds in aid of the Jeans for Genes Genetic Roadmap Appeal.

You can also make your visit count, by being sponsored by family and friends, be it as a solo rider, group or club. Go to the homepage on the Ace Cafe London website to download a sponsorship form or pick one up at the cafe.

"Little Miss Dynamite", the Stonebridge Motor Company built S&S engined Ace Cafe Racer will make her debut at 4pm with opportunity to meet the builders, followed by a photographic review of the history of the Ace. The line-up of entertainment includes some of the top all British rock n' roll bands on the circuit, The Coy Dogs, Furious, and Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers with DJs Tracy Dick, Bill & Jimmy Guntrip spinning the wax, plus a 'Best of Burlesque'
with Miss Zara Ann.

Sunday 14th September, the Brighton Burn Up & Ride With The Rockers to Brighton's famous seafront road, Madeira Drive. The Ace opens at 7am with the ride leaving the cafe at 10.30am.

Madeira Drive will be open to the public from 9.30am. Attractions on the Ace seafront stage feature bands, The Rhythm Aces, The Diamonds, plus DJs Bill & Jimmy Guntrip, a seafront blessing by Father Scott Anderson & Father Dennis McSwinney of the 59 Club at 2pm, a presentation of the Ace Cafe London, Bike Legal and BikeSafe prize Scooter at 2.15pm and the introduction of Stonebridge Motor Company, builders of the S&S engined Ace Cafe Racer, "Little Miss Dynamite", at 2.30pm.

Stands and displays include from Triumph, Yamaha and BMW to Brooklands (2008 being the centennial of motorcycle racing at the legendary circuit), the 59 Club, VMCC, Busy Bee Club, BMRC and many more!

For more information check out Ace Cafe Reunion pages on:

Kind Regards

Ace Cafe London

Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NEW Riding Route 66 DVD
The definitive guide to experiencing the American dream.
Ridden and presented by Henry Cole, Over 4 hours of riding the most famous road in the world. The myth and immortalisation of Route 66 was born in Bobby Troups song Get you kicks on route 66 written over 50 years ago in 1946.
Route 66 is one of the most iconic and legendary roads in the world. The highway winds across America from Chicago to Los Angeles crossing eight states and three time zones on its 2,448 mile passage to the sunshine state.
In this seven part series Henry Cole embarks on a once in a lifetime journey along Route 66. Henry buys a Harley Davidson and sets off from Chicago on what will prove to be both an inspirational, cathartic and historical journey discovering the real heartland of America.
Americas history and cultural legacy is encapsulated in The Mother Road for over 75 years from the 1930s when it was used to evacuate thousands of Americans from the great plains, all the way through to the 1960s when it was the backbone of the hippie trail famously evoked by the movie Easy Rider.
Over the last few years millions of dollars have been spent in saving and restoring the road so now Route 66 can be enjoyed by future generations for years to come.
Henrys journey emulates the adventure, uncertainty and naive dreams held by a legion of travellers who have set off from the east coast to find a new life in California. To that end the series reflects a true journey of adventure.
Henry delivers the quintessential handbook of how and how not to embark on this boulevard of dreams.
Running time: 240 mins approx - Riding route 66 rrp 24.99 SPECIAL OFFER 16.99 from website@classic-motorcycles.co.uk

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Parkinsons Disease Society End to End Challenge
The Parkinsons Disease Society

End to End Challenge

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive neurological condition affecting movements such as walking, talking, and writing.

The Parkinsons Disease Society was established in 1969 to support patients and their families and to fund research towards finding a cure for this terrible condition.

We provide nurses and specialists, care services, information and a network of local support groups. All of this costs money.

In August 2008 the Oxfordshire Royal Enfield team will take on the END to End Challenge, riding two of these classic motorcycles on a round trip of 2,000 miles to raise funds for the Parkinsons Disease Society.

Please support this event at:


Source: http://www.justgiving.com/enfieldforparkinsons

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ms Pitstop makes a rare appearance in print
Indeed it has been a long while since Ms Pitstop last made an appearance in the press and here it is on page 117 of the May issue of 'BIKE' magazine under the heading 'Postcards From the Edge'. A lovely portrait of Ms Pitstop is featured taken by Nick Berekely in March of 2007. Out now in a newsagent near you!

Friday, January 11, 2008

New look Star line-up of motorcycles and riders at 2008 Goodwood Revival
The Goodwood Revival, the worlds most authentic historic motor race event, is set to encompass an exciting new dimension to its race programme for 2008. A fresh grid of motorcycles and legendary top riders are set to star in a new look Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy for 1950s motorcycles.

In the Goodwood Motor Circuits racing heyday, between 1948 and 1966, there was only one dedicated motorcycle meeting Goodwood Saturday, held in 1951. Taking inspiration from this 1951 event, the new look Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy will be representative of this original meeting including machines such as the Matchless G45 and Vincent Grey Flash. From 2008 onwards the motorcycle race at the Goodwood Revival will alternate annually between this newly-introduced 1950s race and the familiar competition for 1960s machines such as the Manx Norton 500 and Matchless G50 as is already the case for the popular St Marys Trophy for saloon cars of the 1950s or 1960s.

Goodwood will also introduce significant revisions to the overall race format. As before, there will be one race on Saturday and another on Sunday, with the result decided by aggregate timing. The difference in 2008 will be that each owner-rider will be paired up with a professional racer, and both will ride in each race, changing over in the pits around half distance. Plans are also afoot to introduce a Le Mans-style running start, which is certain to cause some drama and excitement for both spectators and competitors alike.

To meet the new eligibility criteria, motorcycles will have to be of a type that competed in the period 1951-1954, in the spirit of the original Goodwood race meeting. Owners of appropriate motorcycles or prospective competitors seeking further information should contact either Tom Hobbs in Goodwoods Competitions Department thobbs@goodwood.co.uk or Gordon Russell at the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club CRMCelig@aol.com.

Source: http://www.goodwood.co.uk/info/pn/RMEN_list.asp

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Goodwood announces dates for the 2008 Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival
The Earl of March patron of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival has today announced the 2008 dates for these important annual motor sport events.

The Festival of Speed will take place over the weekend of 11.12.13 July. It will be the 16th running of this popular international motor sport event and promises to be packed with action and excitement as the worlds most exciting racing machinery and famous drivers gather together in the grounds of Goodwood House. The theme for this hillclimb event is currently under discussion and will be announced later this year.

The Goodwood Revival will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2008, as well as the 60th anniversary of the famous Goodwood Motor Circuit. This unique magical step back in time will be held over the weekend of 19.20.21 September 2008. The Revival recalls the halcyon days of motor racing as it used to be in Goodwoods heyday up to 1966, with all of the accompanying spectacle and glamour of the era, with competitors and spectators alike dressed in period fashions. For 2008 Lord March and his team will be pulling out all the stops to create a truly memorable tenth anniversary spectacular.

Both of the 2008 Goodwood motor sport events promise an exceptional selection of the best machinery with a spectacular array of cars and motorcycles, plus fabulous star drivers and riders to thrill the crowds throughout the three days of both of these stunning events.

Confirmation of the 2008 Goodwood dates is subject to the FIA World Council finalising next years F1 calendar at its December meeting. However, it is not anticipated that these dates will need to be changed, so watch this space for final verification of the dates, plus all the latest news of these increasingly successful and delightful historic sporting and social weekends, with something for everyone!

As in previous years, admission to both of these Goodwood motor sport events will be strictly by advance ticket only, with sales commencing on Thursday 1st November 2007.

For further information please contact the Ticket Hotline:
E-mail: bookings@goodwood.co.uk
Telephone: +44 1243 755055
Fax: +44 1243 755058
On-line via Online Ticket section of the www.goodwood.co.uk/motor sport/ website

Source: http://www.goodwood.co.uk/info/pn/RMEN_list.asp

Friday, October 19, 2007

Goodwood Revival 2007 on TV This weekend
Highlights from the 2007 Goodwood Revival will be shown on television this weekend on ITV4 Saturday, 20 October at 15.00hrs and repeated again on Sunday the 21st at 17.00hrs.

Ace Cafe London Celebrates it's 70th Anniversary in style in 2008

Ace Cafe London is looking forward to celebrating the cafe's 70th Anniversary in
2008 in some very special ways, central to which is the production of a Limited Edition series of 100 S&S powered Ace Cafe Racers, and the building of a unique competition bike, to be called 'Little Miss Dynamite', especially for the S&S Cycle 50th Anniversary celebration, to be unveiled in La Crosse (the home of S&S), Wisconsin, USA, in June 2008

Based on the 'Speed Thrills' and 'Burn Up' legacy that is the very core essence of the cafe, its culture and its heritage, and with a unique S&S 50th Anniversary engine at its heart, these 'Built in Britain - Powered by America'
Ace Cafe Racer machines will be the ultimate Cafe Racer, bringing together Ace Cafe London and internationally renowned London based bike builder Nick Gale under the umbrella of a new company, Stonebridge Motor Co., with premises located close to the cafe in the Wembley, Middlesex area of the London Borough of Brent.

The primary purpose of the Stonebridge Motor Company is the manufacture of Ace Cafe Racer motorcycles.

Motorcycle history will be made as 50 of the best bike builders in the world come together to support the S&S 50th Anniversary celebration, the list of which reads like the custom bike equivalent of the Oscars!

The engines used in this historic event will be serial numbers from 1958 to 2008 as a tribute to the 50 years of S&S and represent the only anniversary engines built for the occasion. The builders and future owners of these engines/motorcycles will receive a certificate and medallion commemorating the historic pedigree of their specific serial number.

Judging will be undertaken by the builders themselves, key media members, S&S personnel, show attendees and internet voters. Each engine category winner will receive the cost of their engine back and the 'Peoples Choice' winner gets a brand new S&S X-Wedge engine.

Check out the websites:
and coming soon Stonebridge Motor Company's own website: www.acecaferacer.com

Inspire and motivate us to build the best and win by emailing over your Cafe Racer photos, and if you can make it to Wisconsin for this historic moment next June, so much the better!

England Expects, Clip-Ons & Rear-Sets!

Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Please help The Federation of Historical Vehicle Clubs to secure a lottery grant for the Science Museum
I recently received a message from The Federation of Historical Vehicle Clubs who are advising as many interested people as possible about a competition involving a Lottery grant of 50 million to be awarded to a good cause. Much like the recent TV programme (in the UK) in which the nation was able to vote to 'save' the building of their choice, there will be yet another programme relying on a public vote to award money to a good cause.

Well, in this case one of the good causes happens to involve the vast collection of historical vehicles currently in storage which are owned by the Science Museum. From the message I received I gathered that the idea is to build a more suitable structure to house the vehicles and thus open the display to the public. Great idea but this project will rely on money to bring it to fruition and a lottery grant is a very good start.

What The Federation of Historical Vehicle Clubs is asking is that we all try to vote for this particular cause and secure the grant. They also ask that we spread the word to any interested individuals and encourage them to vote as well. So there you have it, a simple task that's easy to do and will benefit the nation whether they know it or not.

Please keep this in mind come the time the programme is shown in December and vote, vote, vote!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Tribute Gig in Memory of Marta at The Ace Cafe
The Ace Cafe has kindly organised a tribute gig in memory of Marta, our 'Little miss Dynamite' who was tragically killed in an accident on the Brighton Run earlier in Sepetember. The gig has been oganised to raise funds for Marta's daughter and will be held on 16th November 2007 at The Ace Cafe. The Surfin' Gorillas have been lined up along with several top rockin' DJ's including Mouse, Big Beat Kris, Little Carl, Bill Guntrip and Tracey Dick. The event starts at 8 admin is 5.00 with donations collected on the night and through out the weekend. Please support this worthy memorial to a special little lady who we all knew and loved.

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Bike Safe Video Delivers a Courteous Message
"Sorry didn't see you mate." If you have ever had that said to you then you will certainly appreciate this Bike Safe sponsored video recently posted on YouTube. It offers a polite message to all bikers to beware of motorists who just didn't see you...

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGOPRBrC5e4

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thousands of classic bike enthusiasts are expected to attend The Royal Enfield Big Day Out, which takes place on 14 July in Redditch, the Worcestershire town synonymous with Royal Enfield for over 70 years.

The show, organised by Motorcycling Big Days Out, aims to provide an opportunity for people outside the motorcycling fraternity to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of these much-loved motorcycles.

Said event organiser, Gordon May: We hope to create a carnival atmosphere. Although the day is primarily aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts weve booked autojumbles, trade and specialist stands, manufacturers displays and will run Best in Show competitions - weve also made sure that attractions like super-size open air archive exhibitions and special guests and lots of great food mean that the day will also appeal to families. It should certainly appeal to anyone interested in our industrial heritage.

Gordon continued: For the Royal Enfield Big Day Out we aim to beat the record of over 1000 Enfields on show, which was the number achieved at the magical Redditch Revisited event in 2003. People will have a chance to see many new Indian-made Royal Enfields there as well as those built in the former Redditch factory.

While the company Motorcycling Big Days Out may be new, its creator, Gordon May, is not new to the game. Hes a classic bike expert, author of four books on Royal Enfields and a veteran of bike shows. Gordon has over 20 years classic motorcycling experience and a collection of machines that includes 5 Royal Enfields and a pre-war Triumph.
We aim to create shows that people will talk about long after the day, Gordon added. We are also running an event for Triumph enthusiasts called The Triumph Big Day Out. This is in Meriden, Warwickshire, on 18 August. Were planning Motorcycling Big Days Out for other marques for 2008.
Further Info: http://www.royalenfieldbigdayout.co.uk
Tel: 0161 494 6665. Email: info@motorcyclingbigdaysout.co.uk

Source: http://www.royalenfieldbigdayout.co.uk

New Royal Enfield engine - a secret weapon for future success
Royal Enfield has designed a new engine called the
Unit Construction Engine which will be introduced first in India, then in Europe and finally in the US. It is called a unit construction engine because the gearbox and clutch are integrated with the engine. It is still a long stroke single so it retains the traditional Royal Enfield torque and unique sound. It has more power (around 30% more than the Classic engine) so it will be freeway capable. Most importantly, it burns very cleanly and is by far the most reliable engine that Royal Enfield has ever built.

The basic engine was designed in the UK, refined and made more reliable in Japan and is being tested in Japan, India and Italy. I have seen the engine and in my opinion it is a very good looking engine that retains the "DNA" mark of a Classic British single while being very reliable and clean-burning. Keihin in Japan has done the fuel injection and it not only works well, but is very unobtrusive and looks good.

Early estimates from some engine builders say that it should be easy to tweak more power from this engine for those of you who cant leave well enough alone. There are some pictures on the internet that only roughly reflect the real engine. The shape is more or less
accurate, but there will be two versions. One is more Vintage looking and one more Vintage Sport looking.

Consolation Note: For those of you worried about support for your Bullet, DONT. The factory is mandated by Indian law to support any discontinued engine for 7 years, plus we and the other RE distributors have parts enough to last a lifetime.

I am estimating that the US will not see this engine for about 2 years, so at this point it is really academic and not a reality for us. We are excited about the new engine and will welcome it when it hits our
shores. We think it will really help our sales because it is so much more reliable and still retains a vintage look. What I cant talk too much about are the new bikes that will come with this engine. These bikes are so cool that Royal Enfields success into the future will be assured!


Friday, June 08, 2007

Ace Cafe Website Revamped and Ready to Roll
We are pleased to announce that our newly designed website is up and revving!


Long overdue for a complete rebuild, the newly designed Ace Cafe London website features many new sections, including easily accessible information, some of which is also downloadable, comprehensive links, a new 'Ace Talk' Forum, hitherto unseen photographs, video feature, revamped on-line shop, and you will even be able to sign up for email news!

New event photos will be continually be added, so check often, as you or your bike may have been 'Aced'!

Please sign the Guest Book before your sign out!


Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com

Friday, June 01, 2007

Custom-Made Jeans with Selvedge at an Affordable Price!
For those of you who are quite particular about you Rockin' look, a company that specialises in custom-made jeans has now added selvedge edged denim to their already wide selection of denim fabrics. The company is 'Make Your Own Jeans' and they are based in India. They have an excellent website and offer many custom made products and services. Best of all is their price $60.00 (including postage) for a pair of custom-fitted jeans. This is an absolute god-send for girlies who can't get off the peg jeans to fit or want a vintage style high waist or wide leg. As for the guys - it's great to be able to choose your style and fit that suits your body-type. I myself have already had three pairs off them and am quite satisfied. So if you're looking for selvedge jeans at an affordable price and delivered to your door within 3 weeks... Check out www.makeyourownjeans.com

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vince Ray (aka The Evil Count Backwards) new Boutique
Much like Count Backward's acme fake shop kit 'la Boutique a la Bacquard' in the Rumble Rally, Vince Ray has opened a new shop in the heart of the West End at 16 Manette Street London WC1 5LB near the Tottenham Court Road tube station and Foyles bookshop. But this one is for real. Now you happy shoppers and seekers of all things cool can touch, hold and feel Vince's goodies in person. Leisurely browse through his high-quality collection of t-shirts (both butch and girly cuts) patches, stickers, books, CDs, art posters, jewellery and Toxico clothing. If only he could cook I'm sure there would be a take away counter too!
Now open - what are you waiting for?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Brooklands celebrates 100 years with a weekend to remember
100 years of British motor sport celebrated in a family Festival weekend
Unrivalled list of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and aeroplanes
On-track action in modern and historic vehicles
Brooklands, the true home of British motor racing, will celebrate its Centenary in June this year and to mark the occasion the Brooklands Museum and Mercedes-Benz World are hosting a breathtaking weekend Centenary Festival on 16th and 17th June.

From 1907 to 1939, the Brooklands track was at the centre of British motor sport and witnessed countless motor racing records being made and broken. Now, Brooklands will make history again as a full lap of the protected parts of the famous track will be completed for the first time in nearly 60 years.

A re-enactment of the 17th June 1907 Official Opening Cavalcade will take place on Sunday 17th June, featuring a fantastic selection of Veteran vehicles dating back to 1907 and earlier.

Throughout the weekend, the spirit of Brooklands will come to life with the largest ever post-war gathering of genuine Brooklands cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Legendary speed machines, including the famous Napier-Railton , the 1000 horse power Sunbeam and the Malcolm Campbell Mercedes-Benz 36/220 SS 'GP10' will excite crowds on the circuit and in the renowned Brooklands paddock, and an original 1939 Merryweather Fire & Crash Engine will be on display at the Byfleet Banking.

Motorcycles on display will include the Driscoll Norton (winner of 11 consecutive world records), Grindlay Peerles (an original 'Gold Star' holder's motorcycle) and special guests will include two original Brooklands Circuit 'Gold Star' holders (motorcycle riders who rode at speeds of more than 100mph on the original Brooklands track).

And for those who prefer pedal power, there will also be a daily Penny Farthing race and an Edwardian bike race on the North Circuit and demonstrations on the famous Test Hill.

Those magnificent men in their flying machines will pay tribute to Brooklands' aviation heritage with incredible flypasts from historic aircraft including Brooklands' own Vickers Vimy (the world's largest bi-plane), Gypsy Moths, Tiger Moths, a Sopwith Triplane replica, a Sopwith Pup replica and a selection of other 1920's and 1930's aircraft.

The past, present and future of motor racing will all come together at the weekend festival.

The handling circuits at neighbouring Mercedes-Benz World will offer people the opportunity to experience a thrilling passenger ride in either a Mercedes-Benz AMG performance car or in a 4x4 off-road vehicle on the 10 acres of deep water, steep slopes and rocky terrain. There's something for all the family as kids can have their first experience behind the wheel of a dual-controlled car too.

Visitors will also be given a glimpse of today's motor racing vehicles with displays from Formula 1 and F3 cars, and there will be displays from the 21st century reincarnation of the legendary 1955 300 SLR in which Juan Manual Fangio raced in the Mille Miglia, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and the ultimate in luxury travel, the Maybach.

Allan Winn, director at Brooklands Museum, said: "Hundreds of the original machines that raced at Brooklands will be back on the famous circuit for one amazing weekend. It promises to capture the glamour and spirit of the original Brooklands motor racing circuit. There will be plenty for everyone to enjoy and all ages - not just motor sport fans."

The Centenary Festival is being held at Brooklands in Weybridge, Surrey, on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June. Festival goers will be able to enjoy the Brooklands Museum, the full facilities of Mercedes-Benz World and a weekend of entertainment with entertainers, funfairs, a shopping village and a myriad of vehicles reminding people of the golden era of motor racing in the UK.

Source: http://www.brooklandsfestival.co.uk/news/oneWeekend/

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Indian motorcycles and Indian cookery compliment each other rather well
The new series of the 'Hairy Bikers Cook Book' television program starts on Thursday the 22nd of March on the BBC. The first two episodes feature the boys collecting shiny new Royal Enfields from the factory in Chennai and setting off on their travel round India discovering the secrets of local delicacies. The boys were impressed with the factory's respect for tradition British engineering technique and it's close-knit family style management. "Each bike is made with loving care..."

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lord March announces Goodwood Revival dates for 2007
Lord March announces dates for 2007


The Earl of March patron of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival is delighted to announce today the confirmed dates in 2007 for these important annual events.

The Festival of Speed will take place over the weekend of 22.23.24 June. It will be the 15th running of this popular international motor sport event and promises to be packed with action and excitement as the worlds most glamorous racing machinery and famous drivers gather together in the grounds of Goodwood House. The theme for this hill climb event is currently under discussion and will be announced later this year.

The Goodwood Revival is a magical step back in time, and in 2007 will be held over the weekend of 31 August to 2 September. The Revival celebrates the halcyon days of motor racing as it used to be in its heyday up to 1966, with all of the accompanying spectacle and glamour of the era, with competitors and spectators alike dressed in period fashions.

Both 2007 Goodwood motor sport events promise an exceptional selection of the best machinery on the planet with a spectacular array of cars and motorcycles, plus fabulous star drivers and riders to thrill the crowds throughout the three days of both of these stunning events.

Watch this space for the latest news of these increasingly successful and delightful historic sporting and social weekends, with something for everyone!

As in previous years, admission to both of these Goodwood motor sport events will be strictly by advance ticket only, with sales commencing from Wednesday 1st November 2006. Tickets for the 2007 Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival can be ordered as follows:

For further information please contact the Ticket Hotline:
Telephone: +44 1243 755055
Fax: +44 1243 755058
E-mail: bookings@goodwood.co.uk
On-line via Online Ticket section of the www.goodwood.co.uk/motor sport/ website

For all Media enquires, please contact Gary Axon or Janet Bradley at the Goodwood Motor Sport Press Office:
Telephone: +44 1243 755109
Fax: +44 1243 755115
E-mail: speed@goodwood.co.uk or gaxon@goodwood.co.uk

Source: http://www.goodwood.co.uk/info/pn/RMEN_list.asp

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saturday 7th April - 10.00 - Opening of the Ace Exhibition at the Brent Museum.
Saturday 7th April - 10.00 - RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS.
Meet at 10 a.m. for a Ride-Out departing at Noon to the opening of the ACE EXHIBITION at Brent Museum.

Exhibition: The Ace Cafe & Youth Culture 1955 - 1965

The exhibition will be showcasing youth culture, using the Ace as the central hub between the different themes, exploring the cultural changes that occurred, and in particular, how young people broke away from their parents' lifestyle, which they felt was conservative and restrictive, to a new fast-moving age.

There will be three principle areas, with the main focus on young Rockers, and the influences on teenagers, especiallt rock n' roll, the 'devils' music, fashion and popular cinema, through to the importance of the motorcycle and road safety.

As well as iconic images and objects on display, giving a snapshot of the lifestyle of the young adults at the time, there will also be activities for children to enjoy, plus 1950-1960 cuisine tasters, an opportunity to meet 'Elvis', a motorcycle safety course, and much more!

Kind Regards

Linda Wilsmore
Ace Cafe London
Ace Corner
North Circular Road
NW10 7UD

Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com

Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring Fashion Report
That well-known monitor of fashion The BIR Forum has posted this piece if fashion news by Race Dweeb:'I just got back from two industry tradeshows. The first was the Easyriders V-Twin Expo 3 weeks ago. Bobber's are certainly the hot thing this year as the 300mm+ wide rear tire bikes are becoming more passe'. Many builders were showing off their newest creations and I've never seen so many clip-on handlebars and rear-set foot controls on a V-Twin this side of an All Harley Drag Race. And on the opposite end of the spectrum are the builders who are building exotic stretched-out choppers powered by Vincent and Norton engines. There is just no winning for us cafe racer traditionalists.

And on the apparel front: same thing. Ton's of 60's vintage cafe bike T's, helmets & jackets. You can certainly put me in the category of those who find teenage girls (and we all can agree; thank God for teenage girls) wearing a Von Dutch T shirt and/or trucker hat absolutely nauseating. Yesterday's flames & skulls are now today's racing strips and checkered flags.' There you have it folks.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Further Adventures of Pandora pitstop at the NEC Show 26 Oct 2006
Real Classic magazine pays court to Pandora Pitstop:

'Royal Enfield have launched two more variants on the Electra single, the most interesting of which is the Electra-XS which features a paired speedometer and tachometer (rather than the traditional nacelle mounted speedo) and a pair of flat Vincent-style bars.

Having the glamourously be-corseted Pandora Pitstop on hand for photos with the new bikes was a stroke of genius and as soon as the RealClassic camera started flashing away the stand was swarming with other photographers. Notice the one-hand-on-the camera, one-hand in-the-pocket technique of the man in the middle' follow the link for more photos from Real Classic.

Source: http://www.realclassic.co.uk/newsfiles/news06102600.html

Pandora Pitstop at the International MC Show at the NEC Birmingham UK
Pandora Pitstop visits the NEC show for Watsonian Squire - Royal Enfield. Follow the link below for photo of her atride the new Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Clubman.

Source: http://www.royal-enfield.com/news.htm

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Royal Enfield Press release October 19, 2006
Press release October 19, 2006

Pandora Pitstop the face to launch the Royal Enfield Electra Clubman

See the new Royal Enfield Electra XS and Clubman models premiered at the International Motorcycle Show at the NEC on Thursday 26th October

Legendary Royal Enfield rider Pandora Pitstop will be the face to launch two new motorcycles at this years International Motorcycle and Scooter Show at the Birmingham NEC.Royal Enfield has consistently increased its UK market share over the past 5 years.
Pandora will make her appearance on Press Day, Thursday the 26th of October, along side Royal Enfields new lean-burn engined Caf Racer with a glamorous polished alloy tank and Electra XS roadster.
A nicer seat to rest upon I could not wish for, said Ms Pitstop breathily as she tightened her leather corset!
See Pandora and the new Royal Enfields on Stand T147 in HALL20.
Contact 01386 700907 or visit www.royal-enfield.com
Find out more about Pandora Pitstop at www.pandorapitstop.com
Press Officer Dan Sager 07774 696973

Source: http://www.royal-enfield.com

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pandora Pitstop is the New Face of Royal Enfield Motorcycles
Pandora Pitstop has been asked to be the face of Royal Enfield Motorcycles at this years International Motorcycle and Scooter Show at the Birmingham NEC by the UK importer Watsonian Squire. She will be making her appearance on press day, Thursday the 26th of October, along side Royal Enfields new lean-burn engined Caf Racer with a glamorous polished alloy tank. 'A nicer seat to rest upon I could not wish for.' breathily said Ms Pitstop as she tightened her leather corset.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fancy a motorcycling holiday? Don't go until you visit this website!
Before Charlie and Ewan and well before The Hairy Bikers cooking tours - there was Lois. A woman not adverse to a challenge on two wheels and more than capable to recording her adventures for all to follow. I can't recommend this website enough. Take a look at the site to view a record of her previous adventure from Alaska to Argentina a few years ago including details of the forth coming book telling the tale and information on her lastest journey from West London to South Africa. Lois will be posting regular updates on her journey's progress on the website and she will depart next month with a fanfare, crowd of well wishers and at her husband Austin's request,'Her paniers are over-full so please, no good luck charms, crucfixes or 'lucky' heather.'

Source: http://www.loisontheloose.com

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Goodwood Revival will be televised both in the UK and on the Speed Channel in the USA.
The Goodwood Revival will be televised both in the UK and on the Speed Channel in the USA. The date for the Revival to be shown in the UK on ITV1 has now been confirmed as Tuesday, October 24 at 2300hrs. Speed Channel timing will follow at a later date.

Source: http://www.goodwood.co.uk/info/pn/RMEN_list.asp

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tuesday Nights back at Cafe Royal - Grand Relaunch!
It is with great pleasure that I can announce that The Rakehell's Revels, our weekly Tuesday den of the most elegant, sophisticated and glamorous 1920's to 40's escapades of bad behaviour and bizarre beauty, have returned to our true home - The Grill Room, Cafe Royal!

So, you are most cordially invited to return to our opulent little grotto - the same room where the luminaries of London's artistic life, from Oscar Wilde to George Bernard Shaw to Aleister Crowley, held court, the home of deviant high society from the 1890's to the 1930's.

This Tuesday 22nd August will be marked by effusions of free alcohol (if you arrive early enough), extravagances of entertainment, and an overwhelm-ment of the best company, most stunning dress, and heady whirling of cocktail glass and dancer alike, all set to the hottest sounds of the Golden Age of Jazz.

Please note we are now open from 10pm - 3am.

Tuesday 22nd August and every Tuesday thereafter
The Grill Room, Cafe Royal, 68 Regent Street, W1
5 (call for list)

DRESS: period or exquisitely fine - NO EXCEPTIONS - NO EXCUSES!

I hope to see you all there - if not next week, then very soon...

Yours, in delightful anticipation,

David Piper

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Octane Radio Network
Octane Radio Network is the only exclusive Hot Rod/Surf and Rockabilly Radio Station on the WEB. Set up and run by George Jefferson who says, After working in Sales & Marketing within the Automotive Aftermarket for the last 24 years I chose to start a new career and I launched Octane. Our projects include a Music Download Store, Car Club News and Car Show/Drag Racing Coverage programming. Check out our newest shows like Chrome Oxide = Surf Instro show Broadcast from So.Cal. Radio 409 Show = Hot Rod & Car Songs Broadcast from Hot Rod City, Good Beer Show = Good Beer,Good Friends & Good Music Broadcast from Muncie Ind. and The Casbah = Cool music mix.from San Antonio Texas. For more information check out Octane Radio's My Space page.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A new rare spotting of Pandora Pitstop - this time on the Davida website
Yes, I do really wear the leather mask. Not only is it comfortable it also protects my skin and doesn't smudge my lipstick.

What more could a girl ask for!

Many thanks to Mr David Fiddaman (aka 'Fid the Lid') and the team at Davida for including me in your new website layout.

Find me at http://www.davida.co.uk/type.php?id=Peaks-Masks

New and improved Davida website featuring quality motorcycle helmets and wares.
As a precursor to the widely anticipated new Davida catalogue, you may be interested to know that the Davida
website has been updated and expanded. Many new products, features and images well worth a look!


'At Davida we have been defining quality in our own way for more than thirty years. It has been a genuine and
relentless pursuit, rewarded by a worldwide reputation for the quietest, most comfortable, and well made helmets
available. The results are some true classics, (a must for any long distance ride) aesthetically very pleasing,
beautifully put together and highly effective in their primary function of protection.

Our distinctive range of designs and traditional colours are inspired by the racers and street cultures of the past, from the Italian tricolour
carried by Agostini to the burning flame of the road racers. Each helmet shell is individually hand masked and lacquered to a
high finish. We also offer a bespoke service to create your individual colourways. These helmets have always looked "right".
Yes, they are evocative of the past, but they are fresh as well We also stock a collection of the best goggles available from
around the world, all of which have been road tested by us to ensure that they fit well and work effectively with our helmets.'

Source: http://www.davida.co.uk/

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Last Tuesday Society's Summer Tea Party on Tuesday 18th July
David Piper & Viktor Wynd
Provost and Chancellor of The Last Tuesday Society
Would love To See You at Their Summer Tea Party Sponsored By Hendrick's Gin on Tuesday 18th July at 43 South Molton Street, W1

Commencing at 6pm with Gin and Tonics
And an Illustrated Talk by Philip Hoare
"Three Decadent Lives; Oscar Wilde, Stephen Tennant & Noel Coward"
followed by a lavish tea on the specially laid lawns of South Molton Street featuring Cucumber Sandwiches, Cakes, Scones and Strawberries, tea and Jellies like our Mothers used to make us when we were little accompanied by the finest Live Jazz from The Last Tuesday Society's House Jazz Band The Alan Weekes Quartet

tickets ten pounds from

Philip Hoare published his first book in 1990. Serious Pleasures: The Life of Stephen Tennant, an account of the outrageous aristocratic recluse, appeared on best seller lists on both sides of the Atlantic. Reviewing it for the New York Times, film director John Waters called it 'witty and amazing...both scholarly and hilarious at the same time.' In 1995 Hoare published Noel Coward: A Biography, acclaimed by Sheridan Morley as 'the definitive biography'. Wilde's Last Stand: Decadence, Conspiracy & the First World War (1997) was reviewed for the Sunday Times by Simon Callow: 'Hoare has identified one of the key moments in the formation of the modern world, and he has documented it with dazzling brilliance.' Spike Island: The Memory of a Military Hospital (2001) was chosen as his 'Book of the Year' by W.G. Sebald: 'An astonishing book not only for what it contains but also for itswonderful prose style'. Hoare's next book, England's Lost Eden: In Search of a Victorian Utopia, will be published by Fourth Estate in February 2005. Hoare has lectured widely both in Britain and the United States. His 1998 film on Hampshire for BBC 2's Travels With Pevsner, was praised as 'masterful' by the Sunday Telegraph. In 1999, Hoare co-curated the Icons of Pop exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, which attracted over 225,000 visitors. Hoare has also appeared on BBC 2's Newsnight, Radio 4's Today programme, and CNN's Larry King Show. A regular contributor to the Independent, he divides his time between Hoxton and Southampton.

Source: http://www.thelasttuesdaysociety.org

Friday, June 16, 2006

LADYLUCK the cool'st club in soho 29 june 06













Source: http://www.ladyluckclub.co.uk

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Classic Motorcycle Racing weekend 8th and 9th July with the Ace Cafe London
For riders who are interested in participating in this event, a parade form needs to be completed and returned to Claire Phillipson Operations & Events Manager, Ace Cafe London, Ace Corner, Old North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD either by email or by post. Please call to obtain a form or visit the Ace. To join the parade will cost 10 which is payable on the day, the form simply secures your place. Please note further info below in respect of the general weekend:
Ace Caf: ++44(0)20 8961 1000
Advanced tickets can now be purchased from MSV at the discounted price of 10 instead of 12.
To book your tickets you can visit their website www.motorsportdirect.co.uk or you can telephone 0870 950 9000 between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm.
This ticket is purely to attend Brands Hatch for the day, there are weekend tickets available,

FYI for 10 you can arrive the night before and camp over inclusive of this

Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com

The Rakehell's Revels
The Grill Room is closing for refurbishment for 3 weeks as of now, but The Rakehell's Revels will still be frolicking their merry way through your hearts and underwear EVERY TUESDAY from 10.30 - 3... our temporary home is an 18th Century former Royal Wine Cellar underneath Regent Street (of which more, very exciting news, very soon):

Hedges and Butler
153 Regent Street
(entrance at 3 New Burlington Mews)

The Modern Times Club welcomes a summer !
The Modern Times Club is back once again with the most thoroughly up to date songs from the Twenties to the Fifties on Satuday 17th June from 7pm till late at The Titanic, 81 Brewer Street W1. Sparkling conversation and the finest attire are requested for admition of 15.00 on the night, 10.00 in advance from www.ticketweb.co.uk or call 08700 600 100.

Source: http://www.themoderntimesclub.co.uk

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yes, yes, it returns to shine its incandescent light of all things Modern and Jazz-age over London's dreary monotony after a prolonged four month winter slumber (laziness can be quite amusing, you know, but with Spring one absolutely must polish ones cheekbones, spats, and bon mots). Cocktails, fast cars, the most elegant sharp suits and soft gowns; the most beautiful melodies, raciest dances, and wittiest conversation; where British Glamour truly lies and where dreams of Romance come home to roost in the most sophisticated manner! In an new home, the stunning deco cruise-ship fantasy of Titanic, criminally under-used as much as it is chrome-mirror-glass beautiful, we're pulling out all the stops... so you can stop pulling out all your hair, and finally resume your jittering glide across the dancefloor. Yes! This truly is life at its best.

May 6th, Titanic, 81 Brewer Street W1.

10 advance, 15 on the door

Sumptuous 3-course Dinner menu taken from the archives of the Regent Palace Hotel's Grand Dining Room - 35.

For all details please visit

Source: http://www.themoderntimesclub.co.uk

Friday, March 17, 2006

After ripping out the dance floor and putting cool style back into soho



9.00 BEFORE 11PM
13 AFTER 11


Source: http://www.ladyluckclub.co.uk

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Triumph Beer? Yes it's true!
Just found Triumph Beer in Sainsbury's. Is it genuine? Must be the logo's on it! Talk about diversifying. Wonder if there's a warning on the label 'not to be taken whilst operating heavy machinery...'

Friday, March 10, 2006

Deuces Wild a night devoted to Link Wray
Deuces Wild, a night devoted to Link Wray will take place on Thursday March 23rd at London South Pacific, 340 Kennington Road (nearest tube stn Oval) Doors open at 7pm and here's what you'll get for 9.00: The Vincent Razorbacks, Mudlow, Lord Gorefinger, The Guillotines, Flick Knife, Scintilla, Naked Ruby, Lascivia DeCay,Paloma, The Real Tuesday Weld, Debtford Beach Babes and a Rumble Contest with fabulous prizes!More fun than a bed full of rattlesnakes! check out www.strangerthanparadise.net for more info.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


In conjunction with the CRMC, Ace Cafe London will be sponsoring a trophy and prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd, at the Classic King Of Brands, to be held at the famous circuit on the 8th & 9th July 2006.

As well as ride-outs from the cafe on both the above dates, departing at 8am, they are also organising track parades on both days.

Ace Cafe London look forward to a great weekend of classic racing, and If you would like to take part in the parades, or need more information, please contact Claire Phillipson, Operations & Events Manager at the cafe. Email: Acecafe1@aol.com Tel: 020 8961 1000 Mobile: 07891 544676

Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Flash Monkey presents Cabaret Casbah at Cafe de Paris
The Flash Monkey presents Cabaret Casbah - A Burlesque Bazaar of Exotic Entertainment, all presented with Live Music. Thursday March 16th '06 at The Cafe de Paris, Piccadilly W1. What do you get if you cross a Big Bad Wolf with a Snake & an "Innocent" Maiden? Witness the answer with Sergio, Seffi & the Serpent! The Truly Incredible, The Marvelous Mongolians Boldo & Gema! - Frighteningly Talented 'Hand to Hand' Circus Performance that is hard to be believed! Voted best British Circus Act 2004 amongst very impressive competition. The suitably entitled - The Extraordinaires! Raunchy Velvet Vocal Harmonies. Slick, Feverish, Athletic Dance Moves & Dressed to Kill! The Incredible Kornelius Pantalone! So much more than silver service. You've never dreamed of what is possible with cutlery, where to put it! Erhmm.... What's up Doc? It's - Bunny Warren!? Champagne, Bubbles & Fluff -it all tickles you know! That young Whipper-Snapper - Son of Dave, performs a Stomping Ditty or two outside of his usual repertoire. A Suave, slightly Evil Man. A Wee StripTEASE Highland style!? - Tina McSporran - A Super Sexy Tasty Shortbread, a Scottish Icon in the making! Marianne Cheesecake - a slice of Heaven on High Heels!? A Flurry of Feathers & Cheeky Cha-Cha! A Delicacy for the Ears & Eyes - Beautiful SongBird Imelda May! The name is Blonde, Jimmy Blonde - with Twinset & Twirls - Shaking & Stirring! A Double-Double helping -The Boisselier Brothers, Little Lenny & Long John - The World's First Genetically Cloned Twins! And your Incomparable Compere, Femme Fatale of Fabulous Gorgeousness - Miss Dolly Rocket! And More to be announced! After Show Party until late with Djs, The Reverend Rum Tum Te Bum-Bum - playing dark feverish sounds sent in dreams by Papa Legba Son of Dave with his his rare 45s, Franc's Carnival - playing an eclectic mix of old & New music. Wild image projections with Vjs Cat & Remy. King Kong Cocktails ?6 Double measures. Doors open at 8 pm until late, Show starts at 9.30 Tickets 14.99 in advance/ 19.99 on the door. Dress: Slick & Sassy, Invent your own glamour!? No casual wear. Cafe de Paris, 3-4 Coventry St. Piccadilly W1D 6BL TEL: 020 7734 7700.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

LITERARY DINNERS AT THE CAF ROYAL Hosted by David Piper and Viktor Wynd

The Grill Room in the Caf Royal was, from 1865 to WWII, the centre of London's intellectual and alcoholic life, the home for both the bohemian artistic elite and the wayward sons of the aristocracy who consorted with them.

The list of writers, painters, thinkers, and other assorted ne'er-do-wells who confirmed it as the symbolic, spiritual, and actual base of the capital's literary heyday include such giants as Oscar Wilde (and Bosie), Aleister Crowley, Charles Dickens, Augustus John, Walter Sickert, and George Bernard Shaw.

The First Tuesday Fellowship will return "London's most beautiful room" (Cecil Beaton) to its glory days of decadent behaviour, fiery thought, and incisive conversation.

On the first Tuesday of every month a lavish three-course dinner will be served on a long table for 40 guests, who will then be addressed with a suitably scintillating talk guaranteed to be exciting, esoteric, outr and of undisputed literary and artistic significance.

Tuesday 7th February, to start our Spring season, we bring back Lord Gawain Douglas, Bosie's great-nephew, for a talk on Oscar Wilde, Bosie, and the Black Douglas' ("Mad, bad, and dangerous to know"). As anyone who came to his talk last year will know, he is a fantasticically captivating speaker and this is not to be missed. Only a few tickets are left...

Future speakers will include (to be confirmed) Count Nikolai Tolstoy, Molly Parkin, John Hurt, Peter Greenaway, and Medlar Lucan (co-author of The Decadent Cook, The Decadent Gardener, and The Decadent Traveller), and such other subjects as the war poets, and many more.

The evenings will be followed at 11.00pm by The Rakehell's Revels. For tickets and information check out the link below for The Last Tuesday Society.

Source: http://www.thelasttuesdaysociety.org

Monday, February 13, 2006

Royal Enfield Community Newsletter - February, 2006
In this issue - We're Moving our Shop! From February 24, our new address will be 1405 Cannon Circle, Suite 12, Faribault, MN 55021, same phones and fax. In Motion - Adam's RE Racing Pics and Notes - Adam of BG Motorcycles in Bowling Green, Ohio (one of our fine Royal Enfield dealers) shares pictures of his racing Royal Enfield in action. Specs of all USA Enfields. Nevada RE Reunion Slideshow, Tech Corner - When the Rubber Meets the Road how healthy are your innertuebs? February's Shop Special Offers - inner tubes, foot peg rubbers, deluxe tool kits, and for those of you newsletter subscribers who place an order of $75 or more, online for the duration of February, we will include a fine, new Pandora Pitstop T-Shirt F*R*E*E in your order, a gift to our faithful riders. The RE Community Newsletter is published for all Royal Enfield Enthusiasts by Classic Motorworks and can be subscribed to at the link below.

Source: http://www.enfieldmotorcycles.com/

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

official REOC event: South Coast weekend 2006
The South Coast weekend event for the Royal Enfield Owners Club will take place on June 2nd 4th 2006. Although still in it's planning stage, the arrangements are coming along nicely and it is now an official REOC event and promises to be a great weekend of riding and socialising with other REOC-ers. The weekend starts on the Friday with an organised ride from London to the Southampton campsite with stops on route so that anyone who wants to can come along for the ride. The Saturday will feature a relaxed ride-out on a scenic route specifically organised with Enfields in mind, it will not to be too strenuous on riders or machines. It will cover about 90 miles going from Southampton to Selsey (our destination for the Saturday night) and will include stops at points of interest and for refreshments along the way before an evening of fun and socialising in Selsey. The Sunday will feature another relaxed ride, this time to Brighton for Lunch before heading home. The plan is to leave Selsey at about 10:30 and head to Brighton Seafront on B roads as much as possible. After lunch people can then head back toward Selsey/Southampton and all points west, north toward London and the Home Counties, or East if that is their preferred direction. If anyone is interested in finding out more and/or registering their interest in the South Coast weekend do feel free to contact Bert via e-mail at bertw@ecoanimalhealth.com or by phoning 020 8783 0148 (evenings).

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The ultimate guide to urban motorcycling
The Motorcycle Parking website is the ultimate guide to motorcycling in London and the UK www.motorcycleparking.com is continually searching for information of use to other motorcyclists. We hope to make this site UK-wide but until we have time to conduct indepth research in your area, please continue to email us at mail@motorcycleparking.com (Please cut and paste the email address, the link has been removed to reduce spam) with parking and motorcycling details which you believe will be of use to others.

Source: http://www.motorcycleparking.com/

And now some movie reviews : "Worlds Fastest Indian"
And now a movie review from Brit Iron Rebel member known as '3 Hole Punch.' "Went and saw "Worlds Fastest Indian" today. Great freakin' movie! A real feel good movie for motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists alike. Hell, even the wife loved it. Anthony Hopkins was brilliant and funny as hell. Trust me, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!" Thank you Mr Punch.

Here's another one from Bullet-Mania member 'Neutralfinder,' "I'd like to recommend a great motorcycle flick. Its the story of an old codgerwho gets his 1920 Indian Scout to go very, very fast. He lives in his shed,casts his own pistons and converts the side valve to overhead. He is an avidimproviser who never gives up. He makes it to the Bonneville Salt Flats andbreaks a record that I think still stands. The audience was full of oldmotorcycle farts like myself who added to the old motorcycle mystique withcheering and applause, It reminds me of keeping my Enfield going ever soslightly faster than its claimed 75mph and keeping it in one piece. For me itwas great fun and and inspiration enough to plan a long Enfield trip somewhere.The efforts of Dan Holmes came to mind although Dan is far more sophisicatedthan this guy. Dan made it to most of the big tracks in the US, includingBonneville and managed a national title for it, all on a shoestring. Ah, what anadventure motorcycling is!" Thanks again Mr Finder.

Source: http://www.worldsfastestindian.com/

a review of the new 500 Electra XR
"...almost fell in love at first sight of the gleaming pre-production 500 Electra XR. Watsonian Squire has discarded the traditional casquette headlamp casing in favour of a separate halogen headlight and twin clocks. With the styling and red colour scheme, evocative of the original Continental GT, the engine has been tuned to increase the standard 500 Bullet Electra power output by 30%, up from 23bhp to 30bhp. This has been achieved by adding a 32mm Dellorto carburettor, a modified air filter and a free-flow Gold Star type silencer. Other modifications include frame revisions, new front forks and mudguards, a 280mm hydraulic front disc brake, gas filled rear dampers, Avon tyres, restyled panels, indicators and tank badges. Together with higher gearing these changes give the Electra-XR a huge advantage over the original India 500 Sportsman models. Altogether the XR really looks the part - a typical 60's caf racer complete with swept back exhaust, straight and flat forward mounted sports bars, racing tank, solo racing seat, rear sets -- and no passenger pegs! Would it ride as well as it looked? I was about to find out." Read the full story on the Real Classic webite by clicking on the link below.

Source: http://www.realclassic.co.uk/enfieldxr06020600.html

Monday, January 09, 2006

Positive review of new RE Scrambler bike
I just saw the recent issue of top selling bike mag 'Two Wheels' in which they review the new 60's scrambler inspired bikes by Triumph and Royal Enfield along side the Kawasaki 250T and the Suzuki 'Van Van'
125 scrambler style bikes. I'm pleased to say that the RE performed very well against the Triumph and the other two were just 'also rans' by comparison. I trust that the new mods on the lean burn engine are beginning to show the conscious effort RE is making to compete in a more modern market. Look out Triumph, value for money is moving up fast in inside lane!

Another rare sighting of Ms Pitstop confirmed
Yes, at long last the new Royal Enfield parts and accessories catalogue #8 is out and yours truly has made it in there on page 15 in the guise of a T-shirt. Hurrah! Apart from me of course the catalogue is a must for all Royal Enfield Fans, check out http://www.enfieldmotocycles.com to witness the glory.

Source: http://www.enfieldmotorcycles.com

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rikki Rockett Teams up with Chop Shop Drum Company
Poison drummer, Rikki Rockett and Chop Shop Drum Company announced today that they have joined forces. Rockett, an avid drum enthusiast along with customizer and Chop Shop Drum Co. founder, Brian Cocivera are extremely excited about the new partnership and are destined to take the custom drum industry by storm.

Chop Shop has been gaining popularity with young and seasoned drummers alike since its inception in 2001. Customers worldwide have sought out Chop Shop to create one of a kind, completely custom drums, which are handcrafted to the players exact specifications.

Todays drummers are more educated as to exactly what they are searching for in their drums says Cocivera They have decided to seek out the smaller boutique type companies that can build exactly what they want, as opposed to whatever is available at the local music store.

"I have had the distinct privilege to work with the finest drum builders in the world over my 20 year career, adds Rockett. John Good and Don Lombardi from D.W., Steve Badalment from Innovation Drums and Bill Detamore from the original boutique drum company, Pork Pie.
Something good has to have rubbed off on me by now! These guys have been the leaders in the last 20 years. Brian and I have our own unique ideas and we are anxious to get these drums out there!"

In addition to the tried and true classic North American rock maple drums produced by Chop Shop, the company also offers birch, acrylic, aluminum, titanium, steel, and brass shelled drums. "Our goal has always been to produce some of the world's finest sounding drums, and offer customers unlimited options, and the most advanced finish options the drum community has ever seen." Says Cocivera "Now with Rikki on board, the creative energy is high, and the sky is the limit with what we can do."

Chop Shop will also move from the current location in Phoenix, Arizona, to a new workshop in Southern California beginning in January 2006.

Rockett, who rose to international fame as a founding member of the multi-platinum selling band, Poison, has always has a passion for customizing his drums. An amazingly talented artist in his own right, Rocketts drums have always been visually astounding. From customizing, to restoring, and ultimately building drums, the move to own a drum company has always been something he has dreamed about, so when the offer was made from longtime friend, Cocivera, the decision was easy.

Please visit: www.chopshopdrums.com

The new image and creations by the new partners at Chop Shop will be on display at this years NAMM show in Anaheim, CA from Jan. 19-23 2006.

Source: http://www.rikkirockett.com

Thursday, December 08, 2005

2006 Royal Enfield Parts & Accessories Catalogue 8
The new glossy catalogue is now at the printer, and will be mailed FREE
to customers who've ordered from Classic Motorworks within the last year!
It is expect it to be mailed out on December 12 or 13. If you're not on the mailing list you can receive this high-quality catalogue (and a gift certificate for $10) for $5 (plus either A. $3 shipping and handling in the USA & Canada, or B. International shipping rates). Watch their website for all the new items being added and view the catalogue on-line too in the very near future.
Check out the link below for more information:

Source: http://www.enfieldmotorcycles.com/

Monday, November 28, 2005

Stuck for the perfect Christmas gift?
Try this: "Non Stop Rock 'n' Roll Voodoo Action" by Vince Ray. Yes, achieve guaranteed gift-giving success with this full colour, 96 page,
A4 paperback number just out in time for the holidays. 'Voodoo Action" is a
stunning compilation of recent work by the legend himself, Mr Vince Ray (a.k.a.
The Evil Count Backwards, Ms Pitstop's favourite nemesis). This is a real
nifty jamboree bag of the art and humour that personifies the wicked world of
Vince Ray. Included is a selection of poster art from clubs & concerts,
merchandise art work for stickers and T-shirts (Wildcat.co.uk and theblackrose.co.uk
most notably), record and CD covers (from the Damned to the Vincent Razorbacks)
and an amazing collection of painted guitars (not another Gretsch, Vince!).
The book is expertly designed by Mighty Fine (who brought you this quality
website) and published by Suffolk and Watt, London for a cool 19.95.

Hey kids!, act now and get a free voodoo curse with every order.

ISBN: 0-9545985-1-2 , contact www.suffolandwatt.com, or write c/o 8 John's Terrace, East Croydon, Surrey CRO 6TD.

Also check out www.vinceray.com and

Royal Enfield - The Legend Rides On, now available
Royal Enfield - The Legend Rides On, the long awaited comprehensive book on RE is finished and available. The publication was written and photographed in partnership with Royal Enfield and is a fitting tribute to the company's 50th birthday celebrations in India with 164 pages, all in full colour and in a large coffee-table hardback format too. A truly lavish production!

Over 40 pages are devoted to reviews of some older Redditch-made machines (including pre-war 2-strokers and V-twins; post war J2; Flying Flea; Interceptor and Bullet) and include interviews with their present day owners. There's also an insight into production at the Chennai factory, stunning photographs of all the Indian motorcycles and derivatives plus fascinating interviews with their owners.

The Legend Rides On costs 24.99, signed copies are available and sample pages can be viewed via the books page of the supporting website at www.royalenfieldbooks.com

Source: http://www.royalenfieldbooks.com

Thursday, November 17, 2005

RE Motors annual Importers Conference at the NEC show
Royal Enfield Motors sponsored its annual Importers Conference at the NEC show in Birmingham, England on October 28 and 29. We represented the USA, and thought it was a grand meeting! All of the top Royal Enfield executives attended, including its chairman, chief champion and bike nut, Mr. Siddhartha Lal. All of the executives were in the listening mode, and heard from everyone about what their customers wanted. The similarities were remarkable! It was a no-holds-barred conversation, and everyone left feeling like their message had been heard, and acknowledged by the top people at Royal Enfield. Among the topics addressed was the "future of Royal Enfield into the next decade". As I have reported in the past, Royal Enfield is working with some world class consultants on future engine, driveline, frame, and body design. The names of these consultants would be familiar to those at many of the world's most famous and successful brands, having done work for all of them. The presentations were invigorating, and we got a chance to look at some imminent development, as well as some concept bikes for the longer term future. It is fair to say that all of the importers were impressed, and came away with a new confidence on our future. While I am not free to say more, suffice it to say that I believe that Royal Enfield is here for a very long time. The commitment to new products, and the urgency to obtain world class quality cannot be denied. Royal Enfield Motors continues to add massive resources toward those goals! We will all benefit!

Source: http://www.royalenfieldusa.com

"Royal Enfield - The Legend Rides On"! a stunning new book
In honor of 50 years of production in India, Royal Enfield Motors has published a stunning new coffee table book with the above title.

Truly, this is a must-possess pearl of rare beauty for everyone interested in classic motorcycles and this exceptional marque. There has never been a book of this quality published about the Royal Enfield.

Why exactly is the Royal Enfield Bullet so loved by so many people across the globe? Look through this book, and you will find your answer. Its a pictorial journey that dares to use words only when it must, moving down memory lane, spanning time, countries, continents, uniting hearts, minds, and souls.

From the early days of the Enfields birth at the Redditch Works, England, to the Enfield India factory in Chennai, India, it features virtually every model of the motorcycle manufactured and marketed until today. The book however wouldnt be complete without featuring an array of proud Royal Enfield motorcycle owners and their dream machines. Like the old mechanic Santhanam Doss, milkman Malit Singh, the Indian Armed Forces, our own George Helms, and many, many more. 162 pages of exquisitely stunning color photographs, the factory has subsidized the price of this beautiful book, so it is only $40 plus postage. (This book should sell for $80 or more!)

We are waiting for our shipment to come in. We will put it on the website soon, and you can put in your advance order while you wait! ( Not available before Christmas) You won't be disappointed! (Part # Z91092, $40.00) For more information click on the link below.

Source: http://www.royalenfieldusa.com

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Rumour Mill turns again
Its been anounced at the Birmingham NEC International Motorcycle and Scooter Show that Royal Enfield will be releasing a 1930's inspired 612cc version of the Electra. The new project will feature a rigid rear and hydraulic damped girder fork front with massive 8 inch chrome headlamp and no casquette. Also comes with a leather solo saddle and chrome tank with neat inset gauges. The design is inspired by Brough Superiors and Panthers and will be heralded as the modern day sucessor to the 'K' series RE of yore, eschews all plastics and utilises a luxury deep enamel paint finish to many parts previously chromed such as wheel rims and handle bars. Can this be true? All answers on a postcard to....

Source: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Bullet-Mania

Friday, October 28, 2005

Birmingham International Motorcycle (& Scooter) Show
This week at the NEC in Birmingham, Watsonian-Squire, UK importer of Royal Enfield motorcycles, are to display a limited edition Cafe Racer fitted with the new Electra X lean-burn engine and tuned up to give 30% more power than a standard Bullet. The `Bullet Electra-XR' will be unveiled this week at the show to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the popular weekly publication, Motor Cycle News. No doubt this stunning red little number will be suitably displayed with a couple of the famed MCN Lycra-clad ladies draped across it. Ms Pitstop is seething with jealousy!

Source: http://www.royal-enfield.com/bullet_electra_xr.htm

LADYLUCK's hottest night is coming up your way on FRI 4 NOV.
LADYLUCK's hottest night is coming up your way on Friday 4 November. Celebrating their 4th year of sin and grind with live music from Snake Bone, a jazz blues outfit that will send you out of sight, you dig? With guest vocal from Japan Miss Tomoko. Get there early if you wanna get in, October was sold out.
So, if you're going to the coolst club in the world, don't be a square. No street clothes or you aint jazzin. You dig well you Hep Cats and Jet Dolls.

Source: http://www.ladyluckclub.co.uk

The Rumour Mill
Are Royal Enfield seriously considering producing a twin engine bike? Rumour has it, yes! Will it be a 'V' twin? Rumour says no. So, what will it be? A parallel but not for some time yet. Rumour also has it that a new lean burn engine will be developed, around 600cc capable of 90mph to meet with European and American export demands for a bigger, better Bullet. This is amazing news and will make the Royal Enfield marque a serious contender in the modern consumer market. Prototypes of this engine may be put on test as soon as 2006. What can we expect as an outcome? Well, with the aide of some crack European designers, hopefully a classic looking Bullet with an improved frame and a more powerful engine. What more can we ask for? Price! Who can say but I'm sure it will be offered at a very competitive 'value for money' level.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Pitstop t-shirt goes to Russia! See new issue of Real Classic
Indeed, a big thanks to Mr Anarchy who is a man of his word and took his favourite polishing rag all the way to Russia and even took a photo as proof. That really made Ms. Pitstop's day! Hey Thunzie/Brian, how about a photo from OZ/The Magic Kingdom?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ms. Pitstop spotted in current issue of Motorcycle Product News
Many thanks to Colleen Malloy of "Spare Parts" for Motorcycle Product News Magazine for forwarding on a copy of the recent issue of MPN which includes a very complimentary review of the Pandora Pitstop website in her "Spare Parts" section. I never dreamed that one day I'd be recommended as an addition to someone's cup of coffee at break time. I've always preferred a doughnut. Check out the link below for more about MPN Magazine.

Source: http://www.mpnmag.com

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is it true Ms. Pitstop drives a Volvo?
No, certainly not! However, Ms Pitstop and 2 of her Triumph riding chums (Sarah B. & Jeanine S.) have been spotted in the recent issue of the Volvo owners magazine. Photographed out side the Ace Cafe London. They are quoted answering the question where they would like to take the new sporty Volvo convertible for a spin. Ms. Pitstop decided Death Valley was good place but in reality she'd rather be on her Royal Enfield and preferably do it in the middle of January, especially as she can't drive! Still, many thanks the the gang at Volvo for taking an interest and allowing us to look cool on our bikes at the Ace. Is it also true that Volvos are involved in more motorcycle related accidents than any other car? Food for thought!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Hot rod mag "Ol' Skool Rodz" does it again!
My, doesn't the editor of that coolest of hot rod kulture mags "Ol' Skool Rodz" have great taste? He really knows klass when he sees it and has chosen to put yet another photo of Ms Pitstop in the current issue (No.12). Thanks "OSR" and keep up the good work! In an American sea of the same old Harley hog and Boyd/Billet rod mags you are a shining beacon of indeviduality and style. Well worth a look if not for Ms P. then for the fab feature on Viva Las Vegas and The New Forest Reliability Run. Sarah, is that you?

Source: http://www.olskoolrodz.com

The Ace Caf annual legendary Ladies' Day August 21st
Yes ladies it's that time of the year again when the beef cake fire boys come out to wash the girlies' bikes for a good cause and for our own ammusement too of course.

But hey, we're not sexist, bring the guys along as well - after all, the Ace has a licensed bar too so they can make the most of you driving for the day! We'll have a DJ and hopefully a band, and of course, those firemen ...

Bring your chequebooks, too, cos we are holding a raffle/auction to raise funds for Women On The Move Against Cancer, and we have sorted out some very cool prizes including a Davida retro motorcycle helmet worth 140, other ladies' bike gear, vintage-style denims, some very cool Hot Rod Pin-up books, a full-on Land Rover off-roading day (very scary!), loads of rare signed Formula One/Superbike goodies, a Chronotech ladies' watch, and polished wheel rims (may not look good on a Cadillac or Triumph, but you could always flog 'em on eBay!).

We are trying to get as many girlies' vehicles at the Ace as possible two-wheeled or four, classic, custom, modern modified or competition. If you are planning to come by car, is there any chance you could let me know what it is and roughly when you'll be arriving, please? Then we can tell the marshals and they'll do their very best to get you in a good spot! The day officially starts at eleven although we'll be setting up from about nine and goes on until mid-to-late afternoon.

Here's a bit of the official Ace Cafe press release:

Female motoring enthusiasts have been invited to display their bikes, cars, vans, trucks, classic and vintage machines, while entertainments include firemen to give your own car a hose-down and a live auction featuring some fantastic lots kindly donated by WOMAC's patrons and supporters of the Ace. It's a fun day out intended to raise the profile of women in motoring. It would be great if you were to come along, meet some great people and have some fun. Meet other petrolheadettes who are as passionate about their wheels as you are about yours. You can even bring your man and the kids along, too - there'll be plenty to do and see. This year's shindig is raising money for WOMAC (Women On The Move Against Cancer) - and the emphasis is on fun. The main theme is to promote women in all forms of motoring, with guests invited from the worlds of drag racing, motorsport, classics and customs - both two- wheeled and four. And if you're thinking about getting more involved in any of these, this may well give you the incentive to take the plunge. Ladies' Day starts around 11am and continues throughout the afternoon. If you have a particular modified, race, rally or drag car, then please call Claire at the Ace Cafe to let her know you'll be coming and she'll put your details with the car park marshal. The Ace Caf is at Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD. Telephone: 020 8961

1000. Website: www.ace-cafe-london.com. WOMAC: www.womac.co.uk.

Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com.

Here's a little something brought to my attention by the lovely Sarah Bradley, a Triumph Temptress if ever there was one!

The world famous Ace Cafe will unveil a series of stunning and iconic images from its photography archive in an exhibition with Triumph Motorcycles at the Exposure Gallery, London.

The Ace Cafe is the spiritual home to rockers and bikers throughout the world and the 'Rockers & Racers' exhibition brings these fascinating pictures under the same roof for the first time for both bike and music fans to appreciate.

Star of the exhibition will be the Triumph T120 Bonneville that Gene Vincent used to ride in the 1950s. Gene Vincent was the original bad boy rocker - the 'rocker's rocker!' His staple outfit was head-to-toe black leathers and this bike has never before been exhibited.

Both Triumph and the Ace Cafe were highly influential in the music and cafe racer culture of the 50s and 60s, and this exclusive insight into the style, machines and racer culture will only be on show in London for a month, before moving to Brighton for the Ace Cafe Reunion in September, and then to Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

The 60s saw a stream of Hollywood and home-grown celebrities riding Triumphs and cementing its global cult status; Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, James Dean and Bob Dylan to name a few. This tradition continues today with many high-profile figures, such as Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughy, Nick Cage and Michael Schumacher, choosing to ride Triumphs from the modern factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The Ace Cafe was an integral part of the rock n' roll explosion in the UK back in the 50s. What the 'Triton' and 'Ton' meant to bikers back then, still holds resonance today on Ace Corner, where the new breed of riders continue to parade, admire and swap the stories about their particularly machines.

The exhibition will also feature several other Triumph motorbikes:

* Mark Wilsmore's 1979 Triumph T140 Bonneville (flat-tracker)

* Limited Edition 'Multi-Union' Triumph Bonneville T100 by Paul Smith (1 of 50)

* 2005 Triumph Speed Triple

The exhibition runs at Exposure Gallery, London, from 5th -31st August 2005 Prints of images will be available to buy, with all proceeds going to the Riders For Health charity.

Rockers & Racers Exposure Gallery 22-23 Little Portland Street London W1W 8BU

Friday, July 15, 2005

Ms Pitstop's appearance in August issue of "Used Bike Guide"
Yes indeed Ms Pitstop is in print in the current issue of Used Bike Guide magazine out today. Page 98 features a photo of Ms Pitstop and her chief Mechanic Mr H. with their Royal Enfield Sixty-5's. They are pictured in casual mode out side the Ace Caf London on Used Bike Guide Day in June. Unfortunately the hot weather did not allow for more stylish riding gear so apologies to all of Ms Pitstop's leather corset fans. The feature write up by the magazine's editor, Brian Tarbox, is most complimentary and Ms Pitstop is very grateful for the plug for this website! Thanks Brian!

Annual Ladie's Day at The Ace Cafe London 21 August
The annual Ladie's Day at The Ace Cafe London is a fun day out, intended to raise the profile of women in motoring. This year, the event is being staged in conjunction with WOMAC (Women on the Move Against Cancer). The charity was founded by women in the motoring industry to support cancer research, treatment, patients and families. WOMAC's patrons include numerous female motoring journalists and broadcasters.

Things kick off at midday and continue throughout the afternoon, and we would like to get together a great display of as many ladies' classic, custom, and contemporary bikes and cars as possible.

There will be a live auction of some fantastic bike and car related goodies to raise funds for WOMAC, plus a couple of rather handsome firemen on hand to give your vehicle a hose-down in exchange for a donation.

The event will be a chance to chat to other female petrolheads who are as passionate about their wheels as you are about yours - and show the guys that, whether it's two wheels or four, ladies really are doing it for themselves, and it's all for a great cause!

Source: www.ace-cafe-london.com

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New page added to this site dedicated to Royal Enfield Bullets
I'd just like to draw your attention to a new page added to this site which is dedicated to the Royal Enfield Bullet, Ms Pitstop's ride of choice. This page can easily be accessed via a link button located on the home page of this site. You can't miss the new link button, it's a Royal Enfield tank badge! Currently the page is showing a brief history of the Bullet and a photo of a new custom Bullet owned by Kevin Mahoney of Classic Motorworks in the USA. I hope to obtain a few more photos of other stylish bikes from their owners shortly and they will be added to the page as well. My intention is to express the proud history of this modern classic and show it's versatility and adaptability. Thank you to my 'cyber magician' Mark Paton and Emm from oilyrag.co.uk for making this new page possible. It just goes to show, bribery works.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

PRESS RELEASE - Ace Cafe Reunion 2005

Ace Cafe Reunion 2005 - Europe's finest, Britain's coolest, In partnership with Discovery Channel.

The primary reason for the annual Ace Cafe Reunion, Ride With The Rockers and Brighton Burn Up is to celebrate the unique history, culture and style of the Ace Cafe. The event acts as a focus on the biking calendar for all those who are not only interested in the Ace Cafe, Ton-Up and Rocker heritage, but also for those many others who enjoy a weekend full of motorbikes and fun.

This year, our 12th Reunion weekend kick starts at the legendary North London cafe on Friday 9th September, with the arrival of the Continental Run, with rider's from across Europe joining us for an all rock n' roll party night.

On Saturday 10th September, bikes and rider's will enjoy an escorted ride-out from the Ace into central London, for the Kill Spills Demo ride, handing in a petition to Downing Street. Then it's back to the cafe where, as well as bands and DJs playing 'till late, there will be a display of special machines 'Cafe Racer's Coming Home'.

Sunday 11th September, thousands of bikes, one destination, Brighton's famous seafront, with stands, displays, music, and special invited guests to include, Father Scott Anderson of the 59 Club, numerous British motorcycling legends, together with, for the first time in the UK, all the way from the USA, the guys and bikes from American Chopper.

For more information and updates check out the Ace Cafe link below

Source: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com

Vince's Ray's "Pandora Pitstop" logo t-shirt - US limited edition
Pitstop does America! Now available in the USA thought Classic Motorworks/Royal Enfield USA, is the Vince Ray designed "Pandora Pitstop" logo t-shirt on a black high quality t-shirt, made of 100% cotton, with orange and ivory on the logo. This limited edition print run of shirts are priced at $19.95 plus p&p each for sizes Medium, Large and Extra-Large and $21.95 plus p&p for size XXL. But as an introductory offer the shirts are being made available at 15% off at only $16.95 plus p&p each, product Code: Z91051. Check out the link below for more details and ordering information. And, just so the rest of the world does not feel left out the shirt can also be purchased and shipped outside of the USA as well. Hurrah!
Store operated by Classic Motorworks 1220B 4th St. NW Faribault, MN 55021. Phone: 507-333-0643 Toll Free:1-800-201-7472 Fax-507-333-0782 Email: customerservice@enfieldmotorcycles.com

Source: http://www.royalenfieldusa.com/

Monday, June 20, 2005

Ms Pitstop's trusty steed 'Princess' takes "Ace Bike Award"
Saturday 18th June was Morton's Motorcycle Media's "Used Bike Guide" Day at The Ace Cafe. Morton's Motocycle Media are the world's largest publishers of motorcycle magazines with 9 titles and special publications one of which is "Used Bike Guide". Ms Pitstop's beloved Royal Enfield 65 'Street' custom was jointly chosen by UBG's editor Brian Tarbox and Ace Cafe owner Mark Wilsmore for a special presentation "Ace Cafe Bike Award" which was personally presented to Ms Pitstop on the day. A feature on Ms Pitstop and her RE 65 'Street' will appear in a future issue of the magazine.

Source: http://www.usedbikeguide.com

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

STOP PRESS!!!! New episode photos are here!
I sincerely urge you to take a fresh look at the first three episodes of The Rumble Rally on this site. My personal cyber magician Mark Paton has finished and posted the new and improved photos for the three current episodes and what can I say? These are indeed camp classics and visual delights compared to the previous untouched photos with their grey garage backgrounds. Now you can witness Lady Lavinia poodling along the high street of a country village. See Miss Kitten speeding down a motorway and Count Backwards carting the girls away from the Double X Crossroads in full colour at last! A big thanks to Mark for getting these updated photos posted so quickly! Coming soon, Episode 4, a flash back

Dice Magazine presents: A Celebration of Rock and Roll
A word to the wise so pay attention all you Hep cats, Low Flyers, Greasers and Rats the boys at Dice Magazine are throwing a 3-day party under the Westway at Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10, nearest tube Westbourne Park.
The low down is like this baby: Wednesday 29th of June, Live bands from 9pm - The Dodge Brothers, The Arousers, Boz and the Bozmen with a performance by The Launderettas (burlesque housewives from hell) admission 5.00
Thursday 30 June: Rough Trade DJ's admission free and
Friday 1st of July: Live bands from 9pm - The Dice house band Magnum 500, Vince Vincent and The Villains, Selfish Cunt admission 5.00 BARGAIN!
Dj's to include Mouse, The Nitty Gritty with Deb and Jai, Duke Murphy The Chaps and Dice DJ's. What the hell could you possibly want? Cars, Bikes, Art Movies and the best R'n'R DJ's. Like wow daddio!

New member to the Pitcrew, webmaster Mark Paton
Ms Pitstop is again pleased to announce a further addition to the Pitcrew in the form of Mark Paton who will be this site's official Artistic Advisor. Mark's first task is to update all of the photos on the three current episodes by manipulating the backgrounds so the characters appear to be where they should be in the story and not still parked up in the Romance of Rust's workshops in Ealing. Look out for these updates soon! Mark joins the Crew with a very fine pedigree. His personal projects include supplying graphics for www.world.59club.com and designing and executing www.britironrebels.com the site for the Brit Iron Rebels Worldwide Club, and that's just for starters! He specialises in photo restoration and digital artwork and as Ms Pitstop only deals with the best, I can assure you we're in for a treat here. Need Mark's magic touch too? Emain him at thunzie@britironrebels.com

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I present to you, The Modern Times Club
Ms Pitstop has been know to prop up the bar at this rather stylish club so prick up your ears for a word or two from you host for the evening, the exquisite Mr David Piper, "Gentlemen! No time! You must straighten your moustaches post-haste! Dear Ladies! I regret, I must rouse you from your beauteous langour! Snap on your stockings, prepare your toilette without delay! FOR, the birds, the trees, the grass, the crocodiles, and the angelic host are all whispering one thing, of tremendous, girth-shattering importance: The Modern Times Club returns! After a long sojourn in the wilderness, guided only by the shimmering shamanic incarnations of Coco Chanel and Bing Crosby, London's, nay the world's most superior night-time recreational shebang is reborn with a breath of fresh charleston.

SO, as you may well know - for the most thoroughly up-to-date sounds from the 'Twenties to the 'Fifties - for the most Sparkling Conversation and Finest Attire - for simply the most glamorous, elegant, refined, and sophisticated dancing, dining, and drinking wheeze since Errol Flynn rode piggy-back on Katharine Hepburn into Cole Porter's swimming pool - for 'The Rolls-Royce of cabaret experiences', indeed:

THE MODERN TIMES CLUB, Saturday 18th June, from 8pm, at the fantastic, simply wonderful, 1930's oriental deco modernist (with the most delightful, peaceful, Feng Shui) SHANGHAI BLUES, 193-197 High Holborn, London WC1V

3 course dinner available 35, admission otherwise 10 in advance, Free Hendrick's cocktail for everyone!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Royal Enfield USA latest e-newsletter May 2005
Royal Enfield USA's latest e-newsletter for May 2005 has recently been released to it's subscribers. This is a free newsletter directed at people interested in the latest news and updates on all current models of RE Bullets, accessories and related merchandise. It also includes technical advice, useful tuning and running tips and updates to their parts catalogue with special deals on parts, accessories and sale items from the RE USA.COM on-line shop. This issue's highlights are features on a recent trip to the RE factory in Chennai India; info on the new updated RE USA.COM Parts and Accessories catalogue now available on line and on an interactive CD (a full colour printed copy of this superbly photographed catalogue is available free to all subscribers to the newsletter) and The Madras Bulls RE Owners Club in India. Subscription to this on-line newsletter is free via the Royal Enfield USA website, see the link below for more.

Source: http://www.enfieldmotorcycles.com

Bombsite Boudiccas!
June 2005 represents the 50th anniversary of the publication in Picture Post magazine of "The Last of The Teddy Girls," an article featuring photos by Ken Russell back in his pre-cult film make days. This exhibition will display a selection of over 30 examples from Russell's collection of portraits and group shots taken in the East End of London in January 1955. This collection honestly illustrates the defiant panache of a youth movement born in reaction to the austerity of post-war Britain. These young, working-class women were the first generation to express their financial independence and a fashion style we know today as 'Teddy Girls' marked by their gutsy grace and sartorial inventiveness and most importantly with out the aid of American pop culture and 'rock-n-roll'. The settings are often stark reminders of the time they grew up in, bomb-blasted neighbourhoods, that we in today's London have no true understanding of. This is an exhibition for anyone interested in social and local history, fashion, film, popular culture and superb photography not see before supported by music favoured by the teddy Girls, an essay on the New Edwardians (Teds) and a timeline placing this youth subculture in post-war British Society. The Spitz Gallery, 109 Commercial Street London E1, Sat 18 June to Sun 26 June, admission is free. For more info contact Joe Cushley at joecushley@yahoo.co.uk

"A rare and realistic portrait of modern youth culture of the day in their natural setting. Not the usual Ealing Studio's cleaned up cheery light-hearted version of London's post-war devastated East End." Ms Pitstop

Friday, April 29, 2005

Count Backwards performs live at The Ace Cafe
Yes it's that time of year when Castrol R starts to run warm. So it must be time for the season opener at The Ace, "The Executioner's Spring Riot" this coming Wednesday 4th of May. Live on stage this year will be Count Backwards and his merry band of nasties 'The Vincent Razorbacks'. Come early, it gets packed! The Ace Cafe, Stonebridge Park London. Free admition.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

New Davida Catalogue
Not quite but nearly ready is the new Davida catalogue. Ms Pitstop was privvy to a sneak-preview last week from 'Fid-the-lid' himself and it's looking amazing! A stylish collection of a variety of customer's snaps of themselves with their Davida products in action; famous personalities who regularly use the product; vintage-style photography and shots of customer's who's image and lifestyle define the product. May be even some Vince Ray illustrations to boot. This one will definitely be a collectors item so beg, borrow or steal a copy when it's hot off the presses later in the year.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Real Classic's Round Britain Ride
2 girls, 2 Enfields, 2 weeks and 2222 miles to do! This is the plan: - Real Classic magazine journalists, and dedicated riders in their own right, Emm and Rowena have set out a course to take in all the Royal Enfield dealers in mainland Britain in just under two weeks on a couple of brand spanking new Electra X bikes. Those nice chaps at RE importers Watsonian-Squire have loaned the bikes for the ride so as to put them through their paces (the bikes not the girls) and prove that Royal Enfield are dedicated to maintaining the standard of thier product and are continually trying to find ways of improving thier bikes and compete in a modern market place. Fellow riders are encouraged to join the girls at the dealerships for coffee and doughnuts or even a BBQ in some places, and join in the ride for part of the journey. Ms Pitstop will join them in London from Walthamstow to Hanwell on May the 18th. Real Classic will of course be covering the adventure on their website and in their mag. For more info check out the Real Classic website.

Source: http://www.realclassic.co.uk/rbr

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ms Pitstop's new riding gear photos
Now showing on the gallery page of this site, new photos of Ms Pitstop in her latest riding gear with her shined up Royal Enfield Street 65.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Ms Pitstop's new riding gear continued
How do you like your leathers to fit? Like a second skin, if they are a part of you or an extension of your personality? Well, the only answer to this question is CUSTOM-MADE. Not only are you guaranteed a perfect fit, you are able to express yourself in your own unique design specifications. This is why Ms Pitstop chose to have her new leather jodhpurs made to measure by Stan, Leather Tailoring Specialist. If he's good enough for Hollywood's Lara Croft, he's good enough for me! And is this guy good? Are you kidding? He did a fab job packaging Ms Pitstop's seat, and he can customise or restore the seat of any motorcycle or scooter, vintage or otherwise too. tel. 020-7739-2193

Should you have any questions or require further information regarding any of the items posted on this page please email: enquiries@pandorapitstop.com

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