Miss Kitten is a rare and tasty morsel from the exotic of land of Sheba. Legend has it that she is a direct descendant of that tiger temptress, "The Queen of."

Educated at Pussy Galore's Academy for Criminally Capricious Girls, Miss Kitten excelled in the applied sciences of grooming, sleeping and sustenance - all of which, she firmly believes, require serious dedication.

With such a foundation, it is little wonder Miss Kitten was awarded a scholarship to the Mata Hari School of Surveillance and Seduction, where she majored in Corporate and Industrial Espionage.

Her education afforded Miss Kitten many skills and talents, such as the ability to creep up behind people without making a sound (this can occasionally result in nasty accidents if they turn around too quickly). She also developed an amazing ability to hide in the most remote and inaccessible places, and achieved top marks in The Destruction of Evidence 101. Her skill manifested itself as a compulsion to shred any and all possibly incriminating bits of paper that cross her path, to her great amusement.

After graduation, Miss Kitten was invited to join Claw's Accomplice Team to head intelligence gathering on new and unpatented inventions worldwide. Thus allowing her employer, The Hooded Claw, to gain financial advantages by taking out the patents himself.

But despite her illustrious pedigree, Miss Kitten has quite unintentionally used up eight of her nine lives. Many and varied are the hazards of Miss Kitten's occupation and personal dalliances.

It all started with a simple kitchen mishap when she inadvertently choked on a slice of pizza. Then she managed to drown by falling asleep in the bath. This was one of the rare occasions when she did not transcend from asleep to wide-awake in three nanoseconds. She even suffered "electrocution by hairdryer" when her strict grooming regime was rudely interrupted.

Then Miss Kitten progressed to more intriguing and untimely deaths, like the time she fell out the second story window of the men's changing room at an exclusive heath spa (this may have been more the result of a personal pursuit than a work-related incident). Or the time when, while posing as the P.A. to the C.E.O. of Pitstop Patented Pistons, she expired as the result of an elevator drop at the high-rise offices that served as their H.Q., blowing her cover in the process.

More recently, after having stolen some top secret documents from the safe of Lady Lavinia Kydd-Leatherette, Miss Kitten was backed over "accidentally-on-purpose" by a 32 Model T driven by Lady L. and laden with enough luggage for a month in the country. This was followed closely by her being successfully run over (with malicious intent) by The Evil Count Backwards, who was chasing her following her discovery of the whereabouts and contents of his secret hide-out. And finally there was the infamous knife-throwing incident at Dark's Pandemonium Carnival involving a bribe, a blonde (Miss Kitten), and a jealous plot by Ms. Pitstop. Throughout that encounter Miss Kitten was sure she had seen Ms. Pitstop somewhere before!.

However, Miss Kitten's indefatigable spirit means she simply will not give up, no matter what the odds. She always does what she wants and rarely listens to the advice of others. She is unpredictable, and her inscrutable demeanour means people are rarely able to tell what she is thinking, even when she is staring right at them. She also expects others to either cater to her every whim, or feel the full force of her wrath.

And when all is said and done, all she will leave behind is a trail of long blonde hairs!.

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